This Holiday season I have been mostly disappointed with the fun, cheesy, heartfelt rom-com to come out. Falling for Christmas was supposed to be Lindsay Lohan’s big return – falls terribly flat. The Noel Diary is good, but also incredibly depressing and I don’t love a cheating storyline. So when I saw Melissa Hill’s book, Something from Tiffany’s was getting an adaptation with Prime Video and read the synopsis I was hopeful. Then, I watched it. Let me start with the good.


Something from Tiffany’s stars Zoey Deutch (Not Okay), Kendrick Sampson (Insecure), Shay Mitchell (Dollface), and Ray Nicholson (Panic). All 4 of these actors are some of my favorites! Zoey Deutch plays Rachel Meyer who owns a bakery/coffee shoppe with her friend Terri (Jonica T. Gibbs). She’s been dating Gary, played by Ray Nicholson, for a few years and their relationship is fine. We meet Ethan Greene, and his daughter Daisie (Leah Jeffries), as well as his girlfriend Vanessa played by Shay Mitchell.

Gary and Ethan shop at the same Tiffany’s for Christmas. However, after an accident, their purchases get mixed up. So, Gary ends up with Ethan’s expensive engagement ring, and Ethan gets Gary’s basic earrings. When Rache opens the engagement ring box she immediately says yes, and Gary goes along with it. Ethan sees the earrings, and while Vanessa is happy he knows something is not right. When trying to meet back up with Gary in order to get the ring back, he and Rachel have a connection and they both begin questioning everything.


On paper, everything about Something from Tiffany’s should be exactly what I want in a movie like this. However, Zoey Deutch and Kendrick Sampson have ZERO chemistry. I don’t even understand how because they’re both stunning humans. Kendrick could have chemistry with a box.

Also, when it comes to this type of story we need to see why the original couples don’t work. For me, Ray capitalizing on an opportunity like this doesn’t make him a villain. Personally, I’d feel like the universe was stepping in and telling them something major. Also, allowing his girlfriend to believe a story she assumed about seeing her again doesn’t make him a bad guy.

When it comes to Vanessa and Ethan, justice for Shay Mitchell! She’s supposed to come off as someone who is aloof, and unsupportive, but that just isn’t the case. Getting off the phone while on vacation because the margaritas are ready doesn’t make her a bad person. Ethan was never honest with HER about his feeling about leaving New York from the west coast. That’s on him.

So not only do I get bad chemistry, but zero real reasons to not like the original significant others? I wanted to love this, but it was just…flat.

However, you can watch Something from Tiffany’s on Prime Video beginning Friday, December 9, 2022.