What do you get when Warner Bros. Television and Amazon join forces? Apparently, a deal to feature DC animation on streaming platforms outside of HBO Max. At least, once they actually finalize this alliance. Which unfortunately, could take a while to complete.

Warner Bros. Television x Amazon?

"justice League" (2001) key art from IMDb.
The Justice League about to set up their new base at Amazon?

Deadline has just reported that Warner Bros. Television Studios is in the middle of closing a deal with Amazon. The details of this deal are still a bit vague at the moment. Probably because neither company wishes to release exact details until they finalize it.

From what we can tell from this Deadline report though: it seems that Warner Bros. Television Studios wants to stream DC animation outside of HBO Max, and the non-HBO Max streaming service they’ve chosen is Amazon Prime Video. Unless Amazon has another streaming service we don’t know about, then Prime Video is where we’re going to see DC animation in the future. Whether it’s new DC animation or a catalogue of older shows like the Justice League animated series from 2001 above is something we’ll have to wait for when the companies actually finalize this deal.

Unfortunately, that’s something we definitely don’t have a timeline for. The Deadline report has no mention any date for the finalization of this deal. Warner Bros. Television Studios and Amazon are also certainly not talking about this yet. That’s something we’ll have to wait for at a later time when the companies are done with their finalization. Tune back in to THS later to find out when we do.

A New Hope for DC Animation Outside HBO Max?

HBO Max logo.
I guess this means HBO Max isn’t profitable enough?

If Warner Bros. Television Studios does go through with allowing Prime Video to stream DC animation, then it raises new hope for that particular subgenre of animation. It might result in Warner Bros. Television Studios allowing other streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+ to stream them as well. Perhaps it could even result in other previously HBO Max exclusives on other streaming platforms given enough time?

Granted, this is just very wishful speculation at this point, with absolutely no solid backing to any of it. Take it with as many grains of salt as you like. At least, until we hear any official word from Warner Bros. Television Studios otherwise.

Source: Deadline

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