Did you know that Mystery Flesh Pit National Park had a Kickstarter for a survival horror action-adventure video game adaptation? Unfortunately, there is now a strong emphasis on “had”. Because now the artist has official canceled the Kickstarter funding, and by extension the game itself. I guess we won’t get that video game trip into the Permian Basin Superorganism after all.

No Mystery Flesh Pit Game For Us?

"Mystery Flesh Pit National Park" US Department of the Interior poster by Trevor Roberts.
I guess we’ll have to save our trek into a cosmic horror for another time.

Trevor Roberts, the artist and writer behind the Mystery Flesh Pit National Park multi-media series of artworks, has just posted an update about his Kickstarter for a horror video game adaptation of that project on the project’s official website. It’s not good news. As it turns out, he’s ending the Kickstarter and is just cancelling the whole thing. Not a single cent of the funds he and Village Fox Media have accrued for the Kickstarter has been collected yet, as you can confirm on the Kickstarter page. Thus, everyone will just get all their money back, no hassles involved.

The reasoning for this cancellation? According to Trevor Roberts, this is due to a combination of “fan feedback, a fumbled marketing push, internal disputes, and some deep introspection”. Apparently, he feels that because of those reasons, he can no longer the quality of any Mystery Flesh Pit National Park game that came out of this Kickstarter. Specifically: he feels that at best, we would’ve gotten a “rushed and inferior gaming experience”. At worst, it would’ve been an “unmitigated disaster”. Thus, its untimely demise. As untimely as the victims of the 2007 incident, you might say. Well, almost.

Mystery Flesh Pit National Park: The Good News

"Mystery Flesh Pit National Park" Visitor Information Desk pamphlet by Trevor Roberts.
This perfectly encapsulates the tone of the series.

Fortunately, not all Mystery Flesh Pit National Park news for today is doom and gloom. Trevor Roberts in the same update also announced that regular updates (or as he mentions in a crossed out line: “as regular as Flesh Pit material can be”) for the series will now resume with the end of the Kickstarter. Now at the very least, we can expect more content…at some point soon-ish.

That’s not all though. Trevor Roberts also mentions that with the end of the Kickstarter, he can now devote his full attention to finishing the book adaptation. Yes, at some point, we are going to get a Mystery Flesh Pit Book. Unfortunately, Roberts gives not a hint of a timeline for this promised book. There’s not even any way to preorder the book as of this writing. If you do want to support Trevor Roberts and his Mystery Flesh Pit National Park project, you can do so on his Patreon page. You’re likely to get news about that book there. Or you can tune back into THS later to find out when we do.

Source: mysteryfleshpitnationalpark.com, Kickstarter