After last week’s return, let’s just UP the stakes and just throw in a FREAKING BORG CUBE for good measure!

What lies beneath, the bridge…

In a holodeck playback, Gwyn starts to remember that her father, The Diviner, stowed away a weapon made from the future tech. With the sole purpose to use it like a virus and bringing down the Federation from its most relied-on resource, Computers.

Eventually, they find a secret compartment under the Bridge. Inside is an ominous floating ring. That seems almost alive! Jankom tries to blast it to effect as it reconfigured itself to avoid the blast.

While floating thru space and no one manning the con, the Protostar comes up to a Borg Cube. Holo-Janeway goes right into serious work mode implying they need to GTFO!

Gwynn takes HJ’s explanation that the Borg adapts and twists it to serve their needs, implying that the Borg might be able to destroy “the weapon.” After Zero does some scans showing that the Borg is asleep. Daal and the team decide to go on a stealth mission, inside the cube.

There’s no place like Borg

Once on the cube, the team heads toward the ship’s memory core, the Thinkulum. They can access the information. Zero steps up, having been part of a hive mind before, and connects to the Borg hive mind.

While inside the Thinkulum Zero describes the weapon and the Borg are families with it calling it “The Living Construct” that they have no way to stop it. While Zero was inside the borg mind the borg on the ship started stirring and attacked the crew. Phasers don’t work even Gwyn’s weapons that she formed into a Batleth didn’t work. Deals quick thinking frees Gwyn, tracking the team and making sure she doesn’t interfere with the Borg.

A New Collective

Eventually Zero comes back to the team but this time with green accents and new parts, Zero has been assimilated. He is about the assimilate into his new family. When he comes to the revelation the Protostar crew is his new hive, his new collective. Finding the inner strength he blasts the Borg making them go back to sleep, and giving the crew time to escape.

Admiral Janeways Double Dilemmas

Janeway and the crew of the Dauntless are trying to find the Protostar AND revive The Diviner. The ship’s new Trill Ensign Asencia suggests using the suit that they found him in has some sort of integral bio gel and replicates it, Reviving the Villian.

While tracking the Protostar’s unique warp signature. They also came across the decimated outpost from the previous episode. Adm Janeway is gobsmacked trying to understand what happened to her former first officer and who has the power to do something like this.

The scariest part of this nailbiter of an episode: Adm Janeway has switched to Tea!

Captain’s Log: Prodigy Episode 12

This was an ok episode, didn’t give us too much but we did get the Borg. On the upside, Zero finally has time to shine as opposed to the other characters during the first half of the season.

If you notice with each episode we are getting more screen time with Adm Janeway. You can start to see the differences in Kate Mulgrew’s dual performances. Showing off her skill as an actor, both characters even have slight tonal differences making them Janeway but uniquely themselves.

Interestingly, the Living Construct weapon is already in the Borg’s database. Therefore it might have been brought by The Diviner from the future but the tech already exists.

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