The popular spinoff/sequel series to Dreamwork’s massive hit How to Train Your Dragon dropped an Eruptodon sized trailer! CHECK IT OUT!

Dragons: The Nine Realms Season 4 Trailer

In Dragons: The Nine Realms season 4, the whole Dragon Club is back! Now with a new adversary. Things are about to heat up in the cool new cold realm. Looks like Tom, Dangelo, Jun, Alexandra, and Eugene will meet some new species of dragons. But us old school dragon riders will get to see at least one familiar face and one that looks like a natural evolution of a Timberjack.

Dreamwork’s follow-up series, I feel is finally starting to pick up steam. The smaller “seasons” have all been groundwork to really get a story going. I just wish Dreamworks would release full seasons that go into the double digits. Or at least say “Season 2 part 2” with the new season coming up later this month.

When will we see Toothless??

For those of you who haven’t realized it yet, this series takes place in modern times, almost 1300 years since the time of Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III. But we have gotten some nods to the original HTTYD franchise and it has been confirmed that Thunder is Toothless’ descendent.

But at the end of the trailer we see a baby Night Light dragon. Where did he come from?

Speaking of where did he come from? You can watch Dragons: The Nine Realms on Peacock and Hulu on November 17 when the full “season” flies in all at once.

Have you been watching the show? Will this new trailer push you over the edge and make you binge it before Nov. 17?

Let us know in the comments below!

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