Circuit Breakers is a half-hour futuristic anthology series that tackles kid-relatable issues through a sci-fi lens. The series was created by Melody Fox and Andrew Orenstein serves as showrunner. It stars Maz Jobrani and Cole Keriazakos.

About Circuit Breakers

In the new sci-fi anthology series Circuit Breakers on Apple TV+, everyday kids find themselves confronted by extraordinary events in a future not far removed from our own. The series features stunning VFX and futuristic tech, the show utilizes science fiction as a backdrop for kid-relatable stories, with emotion and personal journeys at the heart of the series.

Interview with Melody Fox and Andrew Orenstein

We sat down with creatives Fox and Orenstein to discuss what went into creating Circuit Breakers.

“I’ve always loved anthologies, the kind with a closed-ended story each week, becausein each episode there are new characters who have new goals and problems, and you have a resolutionby the end of your story. It’s like watching a mini-movie. I’m a science fiction and genre fan, so I loved the idea of doing Twilight Zone for kids.”

– Melody Fox

“We certainly had a lot of discussions about making sure that it seemed realistic in terms of what can happen fifteen years in the future. That we weren’t doing one hundred years in the future, with flying cars and stuff.”

– Andrew Orenstein

Interview with Maz Jobrani and Cole Keriazakos

Cole Keriazakos and Maz Jobrani in episode 4 of Circuit Breakers
L-R Cole Keriazakos and Maz Jobrani

In the fourth episode of the series, a carefree student Seth (Cole Keriazakos), and his strict principal (Maz Jobrani) mistakenly swap bodies when a scientific presentation goes wrong.

We spoke to Keriazakos and Jobrani about what it was like playing one another’s characters. Check out our full interview below:

 The all-new series Circuit Breakers will premiere globally on Friday, November 11, exclusively on Apple TV+.

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