It’s the godfather of all things zombies. Night of the Living Dead from George A. Romero pioneered an entire subgenre, and gave us the most accessible zombie movie ever. Now, from his son Chris Romero, Sanibel Films, and Village Roadshow Pictures, we’re getting a sequel/new film in the same universe. Nikyatu Jusu will direct and LaToya Morgan wrote the screenplay. There are no story details at the moment, but plenty of zombies are promised.

Here’s what Jusu had to say about the upcoming film.

The original version of Night of the Living Dead is still so resonant to this day. Every era has the zombie that it needs and right now, zombies reflect the ways that humans treat each other and show us who is truly the monster.

The Romero family and estate are fully on board with the film. Christine Romero, George’s wife, will be a creative overseer. She said this about the project:

I am so excited by this visionary team of storytellers that have come together to expand on the premise of the original film. Revisiting the world that George and his collaborators created is going to be a treat for fans. George would have been so happy to see this happen!

The original film is one of the most profitable films in existence, it was made for $115,000 and grossed nearly $30 million, and has earned $200 million in video sales over the years. However, a mistake with copyright made it so the film went immediately into the public domain, costing Romero millions of dollars.

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Source: Deadline

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