Roll20’s 7th annual Roll20Con has come and gone. And they have announced a slew of new licensed games coming to their VTT all throughout the next year.

Available Now From Roll20:

Between new TTRPGs to revamped stories to even maps for your games, Roll20 has you covered. And we’re starting with what’s available right now in Roll20’s Marketplace, including:

Coming Soon:

As for what’s coming soon, Roll20 has something for every type of TTRPG player:

If you want to check out the first chapter of Pathfinder’s new Kingmaker adventure, it’s available for free right now in Roll20’s Marketplace.

And coming in February, Roll20 is releasing TOMB. Said to be a modern love letter to the mega-dungeon, this new game will be fun for both the GM and the players as well.

And if you are looking for something new to try, Roll20 has Roll20Con Marketplace Giveaways you can try now, including:

These and many more are free now in Roll20’s Marketplace.

Between a new Pathfinder Adventure, new games to try, and awesome worlds to explore, Roll20 has you covered for the next year.

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