Labyrinth is one of my all-time favorite films. It has incredible music, fun characters, Jim Henson Puppets, and David Bowie! I’m also a huge board game fan. I grew up playing them with my family. So, of course, I host multiple game nights filled with fun options. Then, when I saw two of my favorite things combined, I knew I had to play it! So, let’s talk about Labyrinth: Clue!


When you open up Labyrinth: Clue you will find dice, multiple decks of cards, character pieces, a clue pad to keep track of your findings, four spinning wheels to attach to the board, and game instructions. In this game, you’re not catching a killer, you’re finding the culprit who is working with the Goblin King, Jareth to kidnap Sarah’s little brother Toby.

You’re also not playing as Ms. Scarlet or Colonel Mustard. Instead, you get to choose from six movie characters – Sarah, Hoggle, Sir Didymus, Ludo, The Wise Man, and the Worm. However, they’re not just basic characters. Each one gets a special “power” they can use once a game to their advantage.

Since this is no longer a murder mystery the items have also changed from the rope/candlestick options to six “Cursed” Object tokens – Peach, Fairy, Lancelot, Nipper Stick, Shifting Floor Tile, and Glass Orb. These play like normal. But, that’s not all when it comes to fun gameplay twists.

On top of the character, location, and cursed object cards, there are also Intrigue Cards. These cards are drawn when players land on a space with a question mark (?). I won’t spoil their fun for you.


Not only are the pieces and cards to the game Labyrinth themed, but the gameboard also got a fantastic update. The rooms of the “event” take place in The Labyrinth Entrance, The Oubliette, The Bog of Eternal Stench, The Firey’s Forest, The Helping Hands’ Pit, The Junk City, The Ballroom, The Goblin City, or Jareth’s Castle.

The four spinning wheels I mentioned above also play a huge part in the game. When playing the game you will roll three dice: two with numbers, and one with navigational directions. Each corner of the board has a direction that matches the die. So, if you roll NE you will spin the NE dial. Moving the dial causes secret passageways to open and close, guesses to be limited, as well as extra doors to rooms to open and close.


When you first look at the box, the board, and the pieces, it can seem like Labyrinth: Clue is a whole new game, but don’t feel intimidated. Once you get into the basic gameplay you’ll realize if you already know how to play Clue you know how to play this game. You’re just looking for the whodunnit, with what, and where in new places. The additions of the spinning game board spots, Intrigue Cards, and special powers are perfect enhancers for a game that’s already a blast to play.

If you’ve never played Clue in any form, this is a fun way to learn. You separate each type of card: Character, Item, and Location. Shuffle. Secretly draw 3 and put them into the Clue envelope. Then, shuffle all those cards back together and deal them out to the players evenly. If there are extras set those aside, but make sure everyone knows what they are. Then, secretly mark your clue pad with the cards in your hand.

Roll to decide who goes first. Then, go in whichever direction your heart desires. You can move your player in any direction except diagonal. Now, if you roll a direction on the special die turn that dial ONCE. If you make it into a room, make an inquiry as to who you think did it with what in THAT ROOM. If the player to your left has one of those guesses they SECRETLY only show you. Mark it off on your pad. Then, the game continues in the same way. However, if one of the players lands on or crosses over a question mark space STOP and pull an Intrigue Card. Then, follow what it says.

If you believe you know the answer, make your way to the room at the center of the board and make your guess once there. However, if you guess incorrectly you’re out of the game, but still, have to help others with their basic guesses. The first person to guess all 3 cards correctly wins the game! It’s that simple.


My friends and I LOVED playing Labyrinth: Clue. The theming is fantastic. The updates to the board and gameplay make perfect sense and enhance an already fantastic game. So, if you’re a fan of the film and board games this one is a must-have.

My only gripe is that the character pawns and cursed items are cheaply made. Unlike the original Clue Boardgame where you get plastic-colored pawns, and metal items in the shape of weapons, this time we get flimsy cardboard circles. My poor Hoggle is already slightly mangled because he didn’t fit just right into the holder. If the game creators were going to cheap out somewhere it shouldn’t the pieces that are touched the most.