Anvil! The Story of Anvil made a grand return to theaters for a re-release this past September. It provided a new audience for the timeless documentary about Anvil, the heavy metal band that never quite made it after massive success in the ’80s. Thanks to the original documentary, Anvil hasn’t had to work their day jobs since and has been on tour with the likes of AC/DC and Saxon. We got the chance to sit down with not only Lips and Robb Reiner from Anvil but the director and former roadie for the band, Sacha Gervasi. He did let it slip that a possible sequel to Anvil showing off how far they’ve come since the original documentary was in play. Check out both interviews below!

It was an amazing time to sit down with the three of them to talk all things Anvil, the documentary, and of course, their legendary music. The theatrical run for Anvil! The Story of Anvil included an 18-minute conversation with Sacha, Lips, and Robb, but that doesn’t quite capture the success and passion of Anvil, quite like seeing the band live. You can check out Anvil’s new album and their tour dates on their website:

As for Sacha, he’s hard at work on multiple projects including a feature film based on Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson‘s experiences in Sarajevo trying to play a gig in the middle of a raging war.

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