Marvel Studios’ Armor Wars was noticeably absent from their big San Diego Comic-Con presentation and was barely a presence at their D23 Expo panel. Now, we might know why. According to The Hollywood Reporter, they’ve made the decision to change from a Disney+ series to a movie. It pushes the development and pre-production for the project down the developmental slate. Their sources are saying that the studio wanted to get the story right and changed course to be a feature film. Don Cheadle was set to lead the series as Colonel James ‘Rhodey” Rhodes/War Machine. He remains on board to star in the film. Writer Yassir Lester, who was the head writer on the series, will remain the writer for the film.

The series was first announced back in 2020 and went dormant as other projects took off at Marvel. It was supposed to start production in 2023 sometime, but that’s not likely with the current change. There’s not much known about the series other than the logo and star, who appeared during the D23 Expo presentation that Marvel gave. Armor Wars isn’t the next MCU project for Cheadle however, he’s appearing in the upcoming series Secret Invasion. Cheadle joined the MCU back in 2010, taking over as Rhodey from Terrance Howard.

We’ll have to see just how this shifts the landscape for the MCU and its release schedule. Armor Wars was originally supposed to be a 6-episode series, so now there’s a gap in the D+ release schedule and something needs to be added to the feature film calendar.

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Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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