The Rumor Watch is where we get all our stories that come from unofficial sources that aren’t confirmed by the studio. In today’s case, this is unconfirmed by Marvel Studios, but it has to do with Blade. Recently, the director of Blade, Bassam Tariq, left the project. Reports started to come out that perhaps star Mahershala Ali was unhappy about the direction of the film. These reports have also been unconfirmed, but today, The Illuminerdi had a new report about details on the script.

Their report goes through the possible time period and story for Blade. Now, these could all be changing with the movie undergoing some major creative changes with the loss of the director. This isn’t the first time that a Marvel film has lost its director before shooting. Ant-Man was supposed to be directed by Edgar Wright and Peyton Reed stepped in and gave us a great entry. Doctor Strange In The Multiverse of Madness was originally supposed to be directed by Scott Derrickson, and Sam Raimi had to step in on the film. Those two examples are major successes for Marvel, and Blade can be no different.

According to their sources, “the new Blade movie was going to be set largely in the 1920s and feature European Vampires. We’ve also heard that Blade may feature scenes in multiple time periods beyond the 1920s.” That would be interesting, because the MCU hasn’t really traveled past the present day and near future for long periods of time, besides Captain Marvel and Captain America: The First Avenger. This could be an interesting concept that would clash with the current technologically focused part of the MCU we’re in.

Issues Arise With Blade

Either way, unless Marvel acts very fast with getting a director on board, it doesn’t seem like Blade is going to start shooting this year. The scheduled release date of November 3rd, 2023 seems like it won’t get hit. That’s just barely a year away, and as we know, Marvel movies require tons of visual effects, and even for a “smaller” scale story like Blade, it would be a lengthy shoot. We’ll have to see when Marvel picks a new director for the project.

A period piece could work very well, and as we’re about to see with Werewolf By Night, Marvel isn’t afraid of veering into strange territory. Blade hunting down ’20s period vampires could be just what the character needs.

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Source: The Illuminerdi

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