With Scream Factory celebrating their 10-year anniversary, what better time than to show off the subsidiary of Shout! Factory and all things horror? They started off with Halloween II and Halloween III: Season of the Witch all the way back in September of 2012. From there, there’s been hundreds of releases of varying franchises, genres, and formats. The one thing that’s a constant is the love of the genre. When you buy a Scream Factory release, you know that people who are major fans of the genre are working on it. Whether it’s some gigantic box-set (more on these) or a single release of an obscure Clive Barker movie. You’re getting the best possible work done.

So without further ado, here are The 5 Best Scream Factory Blu-Ray/4K Releases ever.

5. My Bloody Valentine Collector’s Edition Blu-Ray

Talk about a movie that needed a restoration. My Bloody Valentine is one of the most influential post-Halloween holiday slashers out there. It’s a Valentine’s Day horror movie, for that reason alone, it’s awesome. But the work that Scream Factory did on this one, including an absolutely masterful transfer that gives the film all kinds of new life. Adding to that, we got unearthed footage that gives the film back a large portion of its gore effects. This is still available on their website and at other retailers, so if you don’t have this in your collection, you’re missing out.

4. From Beyond Collector’s Edition Blu-Ray

Like My Bloody Valentine, From Beyond was missing a good portion of the movie because the MPAA decided to gut it. Thanks to some great work from the people at Scream Factory, we got that footage reinserted in the film, and it looks great. This is from Stuart Gordon and features the horror team of Barbara Crampton and Jeffrey Combs in “swapped roles” from what they had in Re-Animator. Here, Crampton is the hero and Combs is the “dude”-in-distress. It’s got some legendary creature effects, and a thrilling conclusion. The interviews and extras here are well worth the price of admission. This one is out of print, and it’s a little pricy, but very well worth it.

3. Army Of Darkness Collector’s Edition Blu-Ray

There’s a running theme here with outside interference making the movies not their best. Here, it was the studio meddling with Sam Raimi‘s cut of Army of Darkness. Well, with this release, you get three cuts of the movie. The Director’s Cut, Theatrical Cut, and the International Cut. It might not be as many as Blade Runner, but you get some pretty drastic changes between the films with each one. This was out of print for a while, but is back in print, and has a new 4K version coming out soon! If you love Evil Dead, this is a must.

2. Halloween 1-5 4K’s

This is no longer a controversial choice as we’re getting most of the other Halloween films in 4K later this year, but these five releases are absolutely essential for fans of the series. Not only are the issues with Halloween 4: The Return Of Michael Myers fixed, but we’ve got brand new footage from Halloween 5: The Revenge Of Michael Myers in addition to all the great extras from the Blu-Ray releases ported over. The picture quality here is absolutely smashing and it breaths new life into these films. There’s something to be said about watching old movies in 4K, because it absolutely is worth the difference and upgrade. They look fantastic. You can still get these on the Scream Factory website or wherever you get your movies.

The new Halloween 4K Collection (1995-2002) releases on October 4th!

1. Friday The 13th The Complete Collection Box Set

This is the greatest Blu-Ray box-set ever assembled. It doesn’t get better or more lovingly done than this. If you are a Friday the 13th fan, and you don’t own this set, you need to. It’s still in print, affordable, and contains every film in the franchise, with more extras than a human being can physically list. The box is what ties everything together, and it’s one of the best collector’s pieces out there. The only worry is that they’ll do a 4K box-set, but even then, nothing can touch this release for quality, quantitiy, and love put in. Grab it from Scream Factory directly.

Like the Halloween Complete Collection Ultimate Edition, this box-set is worth the price of admission alone for the Bonus Materials disc.

So, that’ll do it for The 5 Best Scream Factory Blu-Ray/4k Releases! Do you own these ones? Is there a release that you love that didn’t make the list?

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