I am a huge Vampire Series fan, whether it’s books, television shows, or movies. So, when Vampire Academy was announced I was excited. While I hadn’t read the books, it’s coming to Peacock with the help of Julie Plec. Plec is the woman behind one of my favorite series of all time, The Vampire Diaries. I read the books and personally find the series to be better. So, my hopes were high, as well as my standards.

Then, I watched it. After about 4 episodes deep into the series, I found myself wildly confused. What is this world? Why do these vampires have powers? Why are they easily killed by a car crash? What is this hierarchy and why does it exist? Why are there so many characters, who are they?! WHAT STORYLINES ACTUALLY MATTER?! So, I decided to watch the movie hoping for some clarity – and I got it! The film does what the series refuses to do – EXPLAIN THE WORLD TO THE VIEWER.

So, after watching the film and going back to the series I sort of had an idea of what was going on…but not really. The storyline is completely different. While the film, and seemingly the books after more research, are about the best friend relationship of Lissa and Rose, the series wants nothing to do with them. So, what is Vampire Academy the series actually about? I watched the entire series and I still can’t tell you.


I learned more about Vampire Academy from this Tweet than from the entire series

While I find Vampire Academy to be a failure as a whole, I did love a handful of the characters, as well as the actors who portray them. Sisi Stringer plays Rose, a Dhampir, and Lissa’s (Daniela Nieves) best friend. Dhampir are warriors, as well as protectors of the Moroi. Rose is a powerful character with the best arc in the series.

While I enjoy watching her relationship form with Dimitri (Kieron Moore) I’m unsure how to feel about it. In the film, he’s obviously significantly older than her. In the series, they seem to have aged him down, BUT don’t tell you exactly what their dynamic is. Is he her teacher? Are they in college? Is he her TA? How much older is he? Is there an inappropriate power dynamic at play? His reaction to his feelings makes it seem inappropriate, but because there are no details the viewer is given zero direction on how to feel.

As far as the other characters in the series, they’re wildly underdeveloped with stale personalities, and convoluted storylines it’s difficult to follow along. That doesn’t mean the actors aren’t doing a good job. They’re just doing their best with what they’re given.


Another major issue with Vampire Academy is the entire series is shrouded in mystery. Every character has a secret. Every storyline is major. All reveals are important. But, why? Making everything mysterious, everything important makes nothing important. So, I no longer care.

The trailer also shows that this series is supposed to be female friendship centered. Where? They separate Rose and Lissa almost immediately never bringing them back together. Instead, we’re stuck in a world that makes zero sense with characters fighting for power.

I was really rooting for this series, but instead, I was given something that feels like a mistake. I’m curious how book readers feel. Let me know in the comments below!