This past Power Morphicon, the official Power Rangers Convention, yours truly, got a few minutes to chat with Cameron Jebo, who played Orion the Silver SuperMegeforce Ranger.

Shining Personality

THS: What was it like coming into the show in its second season after already having another six ranger proceeding you?

Cameron Jebo: On the personal side of things it was intimidating at first. Back during the days of Skype, the cast skyped me about a month in advance before I showed up. we just sat and chatted for about an hour and became friends really fast. When I got to New Zealand they just folded me in as if I was there from the very beginning. On the professional side, it was really cool to not have the same story as everyone else. Getting to use some life experience to really get into Orion’s backstory and joining the rangers and having to work in a team setting.

THS: What were the sides like and did you know that you were coming into that second season as the Sixth Ranger?

CJ: I did know that I was reading for the Sixth Ranger because I had been auditioning since Samurai, then Megaforce. I was “told” I would be on Megaforce, didn’t happen. So I was told to keep showing up to the auditions I did and then they told me it was for Super Megaforce and the Sixth Ranger. There was a lot of back and forth but I’m grateful that they kept the lines of communication open. If not I probably wouldn’t have gone back.

CJ: The sides were very similar, just dummy sides, with a simple scene written out that didn’t give any details away.

THS: Where and what is Orion up to nowadays?

CJ: I like this question! Honestly, I think he’s working towards rebuilding the planet of Andresia. But he’s also taking several trips back to earth to go on shopping sprees with the girls!

Thoughts from THE GRID

First of all, I really want to thank Cameron! After a whole weekend with the fans, his voice was shot! But he still took the time to talk.

On a personal note, this was one of my highlights of the weekend. For me, I was a huge fan of Gokaiger, particularly Gokaisilver. So I had high expectations for Super Megaforce. Going as far as you see to get a Silver Ranger tattoo to show off my ranger love.

You can tell Cameron was equally impressed and surprised.


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