Marvel and Skydance New Media showed off a brand-new game at the Disney Video Game Presentation during D23 Expo’s first day. Check out the trailer above to see the new game. Here’s how they described the game:

Four Heroes. Two Worlds. One War. In collaboration with Marvel Games, Skydance New Media is proud to share the first look at our new AAA game with an ensemble cast and original story set in our unique Marvel Universe.

The game stars Captain America, Black Panther, Gabriel Jones, and Nanali. Each character is fully playable in the “globe-trotting adventure”. The game is inspired by the comic book Captain America/Black Panther: Flags of Our Fathers. Here’s what Amy Hennig, President Skydance New Media had to say about it:

We’re so grateful for all the enthusiasm and support we’ve received from fans, and we’re thrilled to finally unveil a first glimpse of the game during this year’s D23 Expo, Marvel has been an incredible partner throughout the creative process as we develop an original story and build an exciting new team of characters. We hope fans are intrigued by this sneak peek, and we’re excited to share more down the road.

There is still no title for the game, and no release date, so it’s still in the early stages of development. A trailer like this is a nice sign of things to come though. Through it all, it looks like Marvel is trying to capitalize on their movie successes by heading into gaming.

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