New to Netflix this month is Love in the Villa starring Kat Graham and Tom Hopper. We sat down to chat with Graham about her role in the new film.

Interview with Kat Graham

Kat Graham spoke to us about what it was she found compelling about her character, Julie. Additionally, we were surprised to learn that Graham has quite a bit in common with her character Julie.

Check out our full interview with Graham below.

About Love In the Villa

In this new Netflix Film, Graham stars as a young woman named Julie who takes a trip to romantic Verona, Italy, after a breakup. However, when she arrives at the villa she finds that the villa she reserved was double-booked. Now she’ll have to share her vacation with a cynical and very good-looking British man named Charlie, played by Tom Hopper. The film takes us through an enemy-to-lover story. Where both Julie and Charlie will have to reevaluate their outlook on love.

(L to R) Kat Graham as Julie Hutton, Tom Hopper as Charlie Fletcher. Cr. Riccardo Ghilardi/Netflix © 2022.

This film comes at a time when we really need hope and romance in the world. In comparison to recent television, the film comes out during a time of high-stakes on-screen drama. Such as the new Lord of The Rings and Games of Throne spin-off series. So it’s nice to have a film that’s fun and sweet.

Love in the Villa debuts on Netflix September 1.

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