In another sign of the times for streaming services, Paramount+ and Showtime are joining up under one umbrella. The merge will combine the billing cycles for either app at a lower price for subscribers. New subs can sign up for Paramount+ with Showtime for $7.99 a month for ad-supported content, while the ad-free version will be $12.99. If you’re a current subscriber, you can update your subscription within the app. This discount doesn’t last forever though, it ends on October 2nd, and after that point, it’ll cost $11.99 with ads and $14.99 to go ad-free. If you’re only interested in Showtime, you can get that for $10.99 a month.

Tom Ryan, President And Chief Executive Officer of Paramount Global Streaming had this to say about the new bundle:

The Paramount+ with Showtime bundle offers consumers unprecedented value by providing one of the broadest content libraries in streaming at one of the lowest prices in the marketplace. This singular user experience streamlines sign-up and enhances discovery, and this lower price will allow more households to enjoy this exceptional combined entertainment offering.

Tom Ryan

For people who want access to both services, this is kind of a no-brainer purchase. It also eliminates extra charges to your bank or credit card by just combining the two services. This isn’t some sort of grand merger, it’s basically Paramount’s version of the bundles that Disney or HBO have been peddling. So if that sounds interesting to you, this price point is pretty hard to beat. So get back to watching Bar Rescue or Yellowstone.

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