Well, it appears that Netflix will be acquiring another anime series in the form of Romantic Killer. What is this new anime, you might ask? Well, you can check out the Netflix trailer below to find out.

No Time for Romance When Gaming is on the Line?

As you can see, she’s fully equipped for a life sans romance.

Netflix recently revealed this official teaser trailer for Romantic Killer on YouTube. As you can see above, this anime will be a fairly unique take on the romantic comedy genre. The first thing you notice is the small, strange creature in the wizard outfit. Apparently, this wizard creature wants to surround the female main character, Anzu, with 3 hot guys in an effort to get her to fall in love with them. The joke’s on it though, since Anzu only wants video games, cats, and chocolate in her life. She has zero interest in romance. Thus, this rom-com ends up being more of a shonen-style clash of wills between Anzu and the wizard creature. It seems properly hilarious for a romcom, and I do look forward to this anime.

Fortunately, it won’t be long until we do get to see this anime. At the very end of that teaser trailer, it reveals that Romantic Killer will make its debut on October 27, 2022. That’s only 2 months away as of this writing, so you won’t have long to wait. As you might guess though, this is a Netflix exclusive. If you want to watch this rather unique take on the rom-com genre, you’re going to have to shell out cash for a Netflix account.

Romantic Killer: Details

"Romantic Killer Vol. 1" cover art.
No key visual yet, unfortunately. You’re going to have to make do with this cover for the first volume of the manga.

Romantic Killer is the anime adaptation of the romantic comedy manga of the same name by Wataru Momose. New studio DOMERICA is the animation studio behind this anime. Kazuya Ichikawa is the director, with Sayuri Ōba and Hiroko Fukuda as the writers, and Ryo Kawasaki and Tomoyuki Kono composing the music. Lastly, Netflix licensed this anime for its NA release.

As for what Romantic Killer is about? Well, Netflix has helpfully provided an official synopsis in the video description of their teaser trailer. Check it out below:

“Anzu Hoshino is a “non-heroine type” high school girl who pays no attention to fashion or romance and spends every day playing video games. When the wizard Riri suddenly appears, Anzu is forced to participate in the Magical World’s project to stop population decline. This romantic comedy depicts what happens when Anzu goes from living a life immersed in her three favorite things — video games, chocolate, and cats — to being surrounded by handsome guys. Anzu is steadfast in her claim that she never wanted to live in a dating simulation game. She meets a handsome guy who is so popular it hurts, a clean-cut and athletic childhood friend, and a beautiful rich young guy who is naive about the outside world. By meeting Anzu, they all begin to change gradually.”

Source: Netflix Anime YouTube, Netflix