We made it, Little Liars! We are finally at the finale for HBOMax’s Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin – Final Girls. I’ll say off the bat that I’m shocked by how much I enjoyed this. So, let’s talk about it.


Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin – Final Girls begins on New Year’s Eve – 1999 at the Waters’ house. Angela and her mothers, Rose, are in the middle of a huge fight. Rose is giving off serious Margaret White vibes (Carrie). Rose doesn’t want her daughter to go to the party, Angela doesn’t care and she storms out of the house with tears streaming down her face.


Faran’s dad is out of jail. This storyline goes absolutely nowhere. So, I’m unsure as to why it even happened, but whatever. The girls get together and the shocking information about the Sheriff not only being Davie’s high school sweetheart, but also Angela’s rapist. 

The confusing continues. The girls don’t understand why their moms never said anything. The girls are ready to confront their mothers about everything. Personally, I love how they tackle this. Through an interrogation montage, we see each girl question their mom and get the “true story” answers. Faran’s mother, Corey, tells her to STOP DIGGING!


Kelly reaches out to Faran to tell her how crazy her dad is being. Kelly also shares that she feels that her father is responsible for Karen’s dead, as well as Tylers, and A. Faran is hoping the girls can get Kelly and her mom out of the miserable house ASAP!

Tabitha and Imogen

During Tabitha’s digging about Chip, she learns that he also left work early the same night she went to the party in the wood. All signs are pointing to Chip at this point. Tabitha shares her gut feeling and findings with Imogen and she reacts shockingly well. She trusts her friend and can see how something isn’t right.

Imogen shares that she woke up without underwear the next day. So, if Chip kept it like a memento then they have their proof. So, the two head to his house when they know he’s not home. Chip’s mother believes their excuse and the girls are able to rummage around his dirty room. While they don’t find Imogen’s panties, they do find some really dark, almost snuff-like horror films hidden in his closet. These films are enough for them. So, they decide to confront Chip at the movie theater.

This confrontation is EVERYTHING. These girls are lying through their teeth in order to get the confession that they need. All I have to say is I CALLED IT!!! It’s always the “nice” guy! Chips’ reasoning for raping them is absolutely disgusting and absurd. At the end of it, the girls tell Chip they’re turning them in and we get an iconic moment from Imogen – “We’ve become good liars”. Would you say…pretty little liars?

After the confession, A creeps up behind Chip. Chip sees them and runs away. Imogen tells A that Chip hurt them the same way Tim Beasley hurt Angela. That’s more than enough for A to take off after him.


Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin – Chapter 10, Final Girls

The girls receive a text from A saying, “Your final round is about to begin. You broke our rule.” They don’t understand what rule is broken. Who’s guiltier than Sheriff Beasley? Imogen decides that they need to go back to the Waters’ house to look for clues and hopefully put all the pieces together.

Our Final Girls Head To The Waters House

The first clue they find is height markings for two children. Does that mean Angela’s baby is alive or does she have a sibling? Next, they find crayons in the cage Imogen saw previously. Then, they find a polaroid photo under the fridge with Angela and someone else dressed up for Halloween! There’s a sibling!

While the girls are looking for clues in the house, we also see a montage of every mom being kidnapped by A! Then Text – “Time for the trial!” Followed by pictures of their mothers. 


Before the girls head into the school, Imogen texts Kelly for backup. At Kelly’s house, she confronts her father about his assault on Angela which, in the end, resulted in Karen dying. Mama Beasley silently leaves the room at this moment. So, he begins to threaten Kelly with his gun. Then, Mama says NOT TODAY and STABS HIM! Kelly then runs off and gets Greg to help.


Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin – Chapter 10, Final Girls

As the girls enter the school they walk up to a shrine of hall passes assigning each girl their own classroom. This is A’s way of splitting them up, forcing them into their personal test, but not before the perfect fan out. 

TEXTAll bullies must be punished tonight. Starting with yours.

Tabitha is first. She enters the classroom to find Chip tied to a chair, a machete, and a note that reads, “Chip is your bully. Carve and A into his chest”.

Noa enters her room and sees her mother’s drug dealer. Sitting next to him is a bunch of syringes with a note: “he bullied your mom. Time to give him a taste of his own medicine”

Mouse sees Steve tied to a chair surrounded by mouse traps with a note: “He played cat and mouse with you. Now it’s your turn. Trap him before he does it again”

Faran finds her dance teacher tied to the ballet bar. Next to her is the tattoo gun with a note: “She bullied you to be perfect. Time to make her imperfect.”

Imogen finds her mother’s body covered with a sheet. Note: “Think your mom wasn’t a bully? Look at her mouth and she’ll finally tell you the truth.”

We meet the girls together again in the hallway where each of them shares they didn’t do what A’s notes said.

TEXT: Well done. You showed Mercy. Maybe there’s hope. Gathering the auditorium. The trial begins now.


Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin – Chapter 10, Final Girls

The girls enter the auditorium and they see their mothers tied to chairs, and there are 5 empty chairs ready for them. As they run to help their mother, A enters the room, and then the school Principal Clanton! Here is where all is revealed.

Principal Clanton is Angela Waters’s FATHER! When he and Rose were in school, he got her pregnant. His family had money, hers didn’t. So they paid her family to make the issue go away. He became a teacher, then Vice Principale, and eventually Principal of the high school.

As far as Rose, turns out she had twins: Angela and Archie (really…we couldn’t pick a different name?). When Angela and Archie got to high school age, Rose showed up in Millwood. She told Clanton that he was enrolling their daughter there, but she wasn’t going to reveal the secret. Archie was kept at home in the cage because he apparently has a face that only a mother could love. Not a fan of that storyline, but whatever.

Principal Clanton shares that Angela didn’t kill herself because of the assault, but because of something their mothers did. Imogen reveals that she actually did look in her mother’s mouth and found the missing pages of her diary. Written all over them were the words: Erase Her.


Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin – Chapter 10, Final Girls

What TF does Erase Her mean? Well, Sydney fills us in. When Sydney shared with Davie and the rest of the mean girls the story that Angela was assaulted by Tim, Davie’s support and belief wasn’t the reaction. Davie refuses to believe it was true and says Angela is just saying it for attention. 

So, to get revenge for her “lies” Davie convinces the girls, as well as the whole school to ignore her and treat her like she doesn’t even exist. So now Angela has been raped, hazed, and now going to a school where everyone is ignoring her after going through the hardest thing imaginable. Then, to make matters worse, Davie pretends to apologize to Angela and invites her to the rave as a fresh start. However, when she arrived after the fight with her mother everyone still ignored her. 

Now we fully understand why Davie is the guiltiest. As well as, why the guilt of this moment eats her up inside. And why she did take her own life. This moment was life-changing for Davie. She did a full 180 becoming a good person and living her life in the service of others. But that doesn’t matter.


After sharing this story, the mothers are remorseful and the daughters are shocked. Principal Clanton doesn’t care about their feelings or the fact that David killed herself. In the end, someone has to pay for the death of his daughter and that person is Imogen. However, because she’s pregnant with an innocent child…she gets a mini-headstart and runs out of the school

Then, Kelly and Greg come barging into the auditorium. Principal Clanton shoots Greg! Then while he’s distracted, Tabitha hits Clanton over the head with the nameplate. 

A is chasing down Imogen to her home. There she has flashes of her mother telling her where to go and how to survive through memories. Imogen hides in the shower, and when A finds her she stabs him!! But that’s not enough. They struggle throughout the hallway eventually ending with Imogen rage stabbing him and dies(?). The girls come storming into the house and find Imogen, and get her to the hospital. 


Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin – Chapter 10, Final Girls

To wrap up this finale, we learn that A has survived the stabbing and is in the hospital under guard. Sheriff Beasley is also still alive and in the hospital. Principal Clanton and Chip were both arrested. Davie has been reburied and resting in peace.

It’s now Christmas in Millwood. All the families have gathered together to share stories. It seems it’s a happy ending for all. Noa’s mother is actually gonna go to rehab. Corey, Faran’s mom, is moving back to Millwood. And Mouse’s mothers are in therapy. 

Unfortunately, Chips’ parents paid his bail and he’s home for the Holiday. However, Imogen and Tabitha are both going to press charges.

Imogen will be giving her baby up for adoption and this is where we get a GROSS OG Pretty Little Liars nod. The couple that will be adopting Imogen’s child is Ezra and Aria. That’s all I’m gonna say about that.

Then Tabitha asks the ultimate question: Is it over or will there be a sequel? Well, we may or may not get a season 2. A is out of the hospital and on a murder spree. Say goodbye to Sheriff Beasley, as well as Chip!

Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin – Chapter 10, Final Girls – REVIEW

I’m honestly surprised by how much I enjoyed this finale. It’s weird to feel like everything is wrapped up in a pretty bow. The way this season ends almost feels like a series finale and I kinda don’t want a season 2. 

My biggest disappointment is while yes we have an A reveal, we didn’t get a face reveal! If you’re going to make a big deal out of him basically being sloth from Goonies, I’m gonna need to see it.

Overall, this season of Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin has been a fantastic ride! The twists and turns were excellent. I didn’t see the Principal Coming or A’s identity coming. And the girls had GREAT character development. If they do it again, I would love an anthology version with a new storyline and new Little Liars.