Many Marvel fans are excited about the upcoming SHE-HULK series heading to Disney+. But some may wonder, Who is She-Hulk? Well, get ready to revisit the origin of the Jade Giantess in a new one-shot, WHO IS… SHE-HULK. WHO IS… SHE-HULK is written by bestselling author Rainbow Rowell and is available now on Marvel Unlimited. You can check out the official details below from Marvel.

Marvel Unlimited – ‘WHO IS… SHE-HULK’

WHO IS… story is launching on Marvel Unlimited with WHO IS… SHE HULK? #1. The series provides a deeper dive into the origins of your favorite Marvel heroes, as told in one-shot specials throughout the year! Perfect for new readers and those looking for entry points, the WHO IS…? lineup revisits the backstories of major characters from every corner of the Marvel Universe. 

Marvel Unlimited Who Is... She-Hulk

The WHO IS… SHE HULK? one-shot is written by bestselling author Rainbow Rowell (RUNAWAYS), who wrote the popular ‘SHE-HULK’ ongoing comic series earlier this year. The all-new Infinity Comic has art by Ig Guara and colorist Ian Herring.


Writer: Rainbow Rowell 
Artist: Ig Guara 
Colorist: Ian Herring 
Editor: Sarah Brunstad

Get the scoop on the Jade Giantess in WHO IS…? SHE-HULK! Written by best-selling novelist and writer of the ongoing She-Hulk comic, Rainbow Rowell, with sensational art by Ig Guara and Ian Herring!


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Source: Marvel