Hello everyone, your friendly neighborhood Professor Hulk, here. I’m about to drop some knowledge of some exciting stuff in the film and TV world. I’ve recently been in contact with an inside source who has detailed more of Warner Bros. Discovery’s plans for a post-merger DC world. I’ll run through what I’ve heard and what it all means.

Walter Hamada And A New Head Of DC Films

Walter Hamada, the current boss at DC will stay at his post until at least Black Adam‘s release in October. THR had a new report about this, that you can read here. During their earnings call yesterday, David Zaslav stated that DC was pushing for a 10-year plan for DC and will appoint a new head of creative.

This new head will be a Kevin Feige-like figure, overseeing all of the DC films. This has been reported on already, but there are some plans to make some substantial changes.

Out With The Old In With The New

While this new “Head of DC” films will have complete control over DC films, it’s said that the studio has a demand to make and has a plan in place. The demand is that previous projects and films be scrapped, which we’ve already seen in the case of the Wonder Twins movie and Batgirl being canceled in post-production. There are myriad other projects that were in development that hadn’t been announced yet, that have been canceled or shelved.

Some current projects will be slowly phased out. Matt Reeves is expected to finish his Batman trilogy, and after that, it’s expected that this iteration of Batman will be phased out. Joker: Folie À Deux recently saw a new release date and the confirmation that Lady Gaga was indeed starring as Harley Quinn. This film is the only exception I’ve heard definitively from sources in terms of projects continuing forward. The future of Blue Beetle and other streaming series is still up in the air as of this writing.

Walter Hamada did originally have a plan to build toward a ‘Crisis on Infinite Earths’ storyline, with Ben Affleck expected to return as Batman; but with the merger, Ezra Miller‘s recent trouble with the law, and countless other factors, this isn’t happening anytime soon.

Instead, the film division will focus on a unified DC Universe, that will build towards a soft reboot of the Justice League. I was told that some characters and actors will return from previous films. Of course, with all the ways that DC’s plans have changed in just the past six weeks, things can always change. Aside from that, there are no other details given in terms of who will compose the team, and what films will build up to it.

What do you think of these new plans for DC films?

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