AMC is biting a remake take based on Anne Rice’s iconic book series, “Interview With A Vampire”. In addition, a fresh new trailer was dropped during San Diego Comic-Con, for its release on October 2nd. Although this is based on Rice’s gothic novel and centered around Louis, Lestat, and the child vampiress Claudia. As the setting is in New Orleans (1910) in the evening about their “dark gift” for plenty of blood sucking. On top of that, Louis is in the present day and willing to drop his secrets to a reporter.

The part that sucks is that the show has been in development hell for a while. As the rights have been constantly shared as AMC was able to acquire the rights back in 2020. Even though Rice herself passed away in 2021 as the studio planned to adopt her books before she passed away. This new series stars; Jacob Anderson (Game of Thrones), Sam Reid (The Newsreader), Bailey Bass (Avatar: The Way of the Water), and Eric Bogosian (Succession). The first season will follow the novel, about Louis’ story and his relationship with Lestat. Also, Christian Robinson and Kalyne Coleman have joined the cast as well in reoccurring roles.

The New Take Is Hoping For The Best

Fellow showrunners Rolin Jones (Perry Mason) and Alan Taylor (Game of Thrones) are hoping the “thirst quencher” will live up to the fans for this adaptation. For you, OG fans out there, as the film was released in 1994 with Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, and Kirsten Dunst.

“Our vision had a lot of things to consider. The advantage is that we are on television, whereas the movie had to sprint because it only had two hours. We’ve taken so much of Anne’s writing and used it for the show.”

Rolin Jones, Showrunner
Via (© AMC)

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Source: Deadline