It looks like No Man’s Sky is giving freighters one heck of an overhaul with this latest Endurance update. Not to mention the entirety of the space gameplay itself. Check out the trailer for it below, and see for yourself:

Bigger and Better Freighters!

Now you can actually get lost in your freighters. In other words: a proper spaceship.

Hello Games is proud to announce that their Endurance update for No Man’s Sky has gone live. As you can see in the YouTube trailer above, the main draw of this update is a complete overhaul of space freighter mechanics. Now, you can completely customize the interior of your freighters, and turn them into fully functioning (and mobile) space bases. You can add everything from farming plots to industrial modules to compartments so that your freighter can fulfill any role you could ever want. Your freighters now have a cargo hold to allow them to store inventory, and you can now even fully customize every aspect of your freighter’s appearance, from the hull to the color of the engine flare.

Not only that, but now your freighters in No Man’s Sky actually have NPC crew in them now. Not just hired pilots and frigate captains, but also specialist crew servicing various systems. They don’t appear to actually do anything, but it’s all part of the immersion enhancement. You actually feel like you’re in a functioning starship when you see X engineer performing a systems diagnostic as you run around your freighter. If you want the full details of the Endurance update, then you can check out the official website.

Dawn of the Living Ships?

"No Man's Sky" Endurance update screenshot featuring a living ship.
Organic ships are the ultimate in freaky but cool.

The freighters aren’t the only feature getting overhauls in No Man’s Sky. You can now have access to a mission that gives you the opportunity to bond with an organic frigate, as well as allowing you to have a fleet of them later on. These living frigates not only have new upgrades, but also enhancements to existing upgrades for living ships in general. They also now come in a variety of procedurally generated hull and tentacle colors, although it appears that you can’t change their colors as of yet. Maybe next update?

Plus, you can now feed your organic ships in No Man’s Sky cooked food, including these new organic frigates. Not only can you reward your living ship for a job well done with treats, but they even have a gameplay effect. Feeding your ship will alter its mood, and may cause it to mutate new abilities and traits. So fire up that space grill, and get to treating your living ships!

Space in No Man’s Sky Just Got Spacier!

"No Man's Sky" Endurance update screenshot featuring the updated black holes surrounded by debris.
Space as it should be.

There are also updates to space in general in No Man’s Sky. As you can see above, black holes now have an overhaul in terms of appearances, and travelling through them is now more spectacular. Asteroids also now feature numerous different types, and are clumped together in distinct areas instead of being spread out all over the place. Blasting open said asteroids now also have a small chance of revealing that they’d been a nest for space fauna. No idea if you can scan them, but at least it’s a nice surprise.

Plus, derelict freights now also have enhanced atmosphere and internal visuals. All of which means that they’re now even creepier on the inside. Perfect for pretending that you’re playing Dead Space instead of No Man’s Sky. If you have the game, then check out the Endurance update for yourself, and see what wonders the developers have added to it.

Source: HelloGamesTube YouTube, Endurance Update

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