Happy Comic Con! It’s that most glorious time of year when the geeks, freaks, and normal peeps come together under one roof in the Southern California. To enjoy the now new pop culture universe at San Diego Comic-Con!

A Variety of Vivacious Variants!

As we have all become accustomed to, SDCC has always brought us various and sought-after exclusives, whether it’s toys, trailers, or tv merch.

But our friends over at BOOM! Studios have over 20! Yes, 20 exclusive variants at their booth for your collecting pleasure! Visit the award-winning publisher’s booth (#2229) to discover never-before-seen exclusive merchandise from your favorite BOOM! Studios comic book series, debuting at Comic-Con this year. 

Obviously, you know me as the “Resident Ranger Writer” so I’ll start off with the offerings from the teenagers with attitude.


Hopefully, you’re caught up so these covers for Power Rangers #21 won’t throw you for a loop. Followed by two new variants for Power Rangers Universe. But wait there is more: a re-release of MMPR X TMNT is dropping with all-new cover art!

Something is Killing the Children

Something is Killing the Children has Junggeun Yoon doing three variants for issue #21 while David Mack and Dan Quintana are doing the Slaughter Pack covers. Mack will provide the cover art for the 3 separate packs each covering five issues. while Quintana will be providing an exclusive ONLY available in the 5-packs.

BUT if you really want the biggest and badest bundle, check out the Something is Killing the Children Exclusive Blackout Bundle

Available for $200 USD

Includes Something is Killing the Children Book One Deluxe Edition with a BOOM! Studios exclusive gloss slipcase (only available in this bundle), Something is Killing the Children #21 Secret Ashcan, and one random Something is Killing the Children or House of Slaughter Ultra Rare Variant. 

House of Slaughter

HoS is getting three covers all from the super talented Junggeun Yoon, each for only $20.00!

SDCC: Covered in Covers!

So many more offerings from a ton of their comic runs! All with stunning variety from their amazing artist gallery!

There is seriously a plethora of art for your long and short boxes or walls, available this week in SD from Boom Studios! Get over to BOOTH (#2229) NOW!

Have a safe and fun time at the show and stay tuned to THATHASHTAGSHOW for all the SDCC2022 news!

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More From SDCC 2022

After a three year hiatus, San Diego Comic-Con is back! That means plenty of updates from huge fandom universes, including DC and Marvel, Star Trek, and The Walking Dead. You can also expect first looks at a ton of highly-anticipated adaptations, like the Dungeons & Dragons movie, Prime Video’s Lord of the Rings series, Netflix’s The Sandman, and more. Whether you’re into superheroes or the supernatural, there’s going to be something for everyone at SDCC this year! You can view our guide to SDCC panels and activations here. Meanwhile, check back to THS for more news, updates, and exclusives dropping during Comic-Con.