Yes, you read that correctly. HBO is expanding its partnership with Duolingo for the upcoming Game of Thrones spinoff, House of the Dragon

Game of Thrones is no stranger to fun partnerships. The fantasy series generated a Scotch Whiskey Line, Wine, a Monopoly Game, and so much more. And now, the prequel series, House of the Dragon has extended its Duolingo partnership. As part of the release, Duolingo is adding 150 new vocabulary words, as well as 700 new sentences to the High Valyrian module.

As we know, High Valyrian is still developing and does not have a complete language. However, the app is working with linguist David Peterson. Peterson developed both Dothraki and High Valyrian based on George RR Martin’s books for the show. So, it’s safe to say it’s in good hands.

“This unique partnership around learning High Valyrian will enable fans across the globe to see how fun learning a new language can be while connecting closer with the world of Westeros.”

George Audi, head of business development at Duolingo in a press release.

Learn High Valyrian

In order to promote the partnership, Duolingo is set to release a series of language-based activations to generate hype for the show’s release on August 21, 2022. These activations will include updates to Duolingo’s High Valyrian course, and HBO’s House of Dragons: DracARys app, which launches on Jul 20, 2022. This new app features AR dragons that users can raise and command in High Valyrian.

On top of these digital activations, Duolingo will place cryptic billboards featuring High Valyrian text across key markets in order to generate interest and word of mouth. 

Has this news piqued your interest? Well, in addition to all of that Duolingo is offering two months of Duolingo Plus – the premium model – to HBO subscribers in a special offer!