Releasing this month, a new version of Clue is coming out.

And this one is a special one:

This new game is bringing everything to love about Clue. But it’s taking it into the world of Critical Role.

Product Images And Description

Beloved mystery board game Clue gets a Critical Role twist with this special game edition!

It’s time for the Harvest Close Festival in Zadash, but a vengeful threat targeting one of the Mighty Nein is an unexpected wrench in the celebration! The keen adventurers only have so much time to solve the mystery before the fun and games end badly for one of their own.

Help your favorite characters for Campaign 2 of Critical Role in a side quest of epic proportions and take the initiative to determine which Might Nein Hero token will reveal the member in danger, who is behind the spiteful plan, and where are they planning to strike!

Product Includes

  • Game Board
  • 7 Character Movers
  • 7 Character Role Cards
  • 22 Rumor Cards
  • 23 Encounter Cards
  • Pad Of Custom Clue Sheets
  • Envelope
  • 2 Dice
  • Rules

Release Date And Where To Pre-Order

So, this game is currently slated for this month, although the date could change. As for where it’s available for pre-order, it’s available right now to pre-order on Entertainment Earth, Big Bad Toy Store, and Game Nerdz.

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