Well, bad news: Sucker Punch just killed any hope for an Infamous or Sly Cooper game for the modern era. If you were fans of the game series (like I am), prepare for disappointment ahead.

No Infamous and Sly Cooper For Us?

"Infamous" PS3 cover art.
No more Cole MacGrath for some time. Although to be fair, he’s been dead for a few games now.

Sucker Punch Productions recently released an announcement about their legacy franchises. Specifically the Infamous and Sly Cooper franchises, since Sucker Punch explicitly stated that “we have no plans to revisit” them “right now”, and that “no other studio is currently working on projects related to those franchises”. To be fair, Sucker Punch does add that they’re not closing the door permanently on these franchises. But for now, there will be no sequels to those franchises for the foreseeable future.

"Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus" PS2 cover art.
There should be more stealth games involving anthropomorphic raccoons.

The reason for this lack of Infamous and Sly Cooper sequels? Apparently, Sucker Punch has an unnamed project in the works that “require[s] the full attention of our studio”. They make no mention of what this project is at all, but apparently, Sucker Punch wants to devote all of its resources to it. That means none of their legacy franchises, including the aforementioned ones, will get any resources whatsoever. Although, that might not be entirely correct.

Infamous Love Incoming?

Man, for a 8-year old game now, it still looks fantastic. Not only that, but it might just get a bit better soon.

In their same announcement, Sucker Punch is also announcing that maintenance on Infamous 2 UGC (User Generated Content) servers is incoming. Apparently, they acknowledge that a lot of people still playing that game, and want to keep it running for as long as possible by moving the servers to a “new home”. Sucker Punch acknowledges that they will have to sunset the UGC servers and thus shut down all of the player-generated missions and content, but at the moment, they want to keep the servers running for as long as possible for the remaining active players.

Not only that, but there’s even DLC for Infamous Second Son incoming. Or rather, it’s a rerelease of an old DLC called Cole’s Legacy. Previously, that specific DLC was only available to those who bought the Collector’s Edition of the game. Now though, Sucker Punch is working on making that DLC available on the PlayStation Store for all territories. They give no timeline or release window on when that DLC is coming though. However, we know that it is coming. Hopefully, that little bit of DLC is almost enough to tide us over until eventually, Sucker Punch gives us an Infamous 4 to play with.

Source: Sucker Punch Productions