Critical Role’s new series, Exandria Unlimited: Calamity, is about to have its epic finale. And this series has been one of the coolest ExU stories shown.

This series explores what happened right at the end of the Age Of Arcanum, and right when the Calamity happened. And if you have not seen the series yet, you are in for a treat.

And we also got a chance to interview cast members Lou Wilson and Aabria Iyengar about this 4-part mini-series.

Lou Wilson And Aabria Iyengar Interview

Without spoilers, who are you guys playing in this 4 part adventure?

Lou: I’ll be playing Nydas Okiro, Guildmaster of The Golden Scythe- the financial and mercantile
hub of Avalir. Once Brennan laid out that this season would take place during the age of
Arcanum, I was interested in the question of who are the middle-men of this time? Who are the
people that aren’t wizards that matter? We settled on this idea of the guy whose job it is to get
wizards absurd amounts of components for whatever insane rituals and spells they’re trying to
craft. You need 40,000 griffin feathers to summon some kind of infernal tree, holla atcha boy

Aabria: I’m playing Laerryn Coramar-Seelie, a many-titled mage that works tirelessly to keep the
engines of the city running. My goal was to build a character that embodied the ambitions and
incredible powers of the Age of Arcanum. She’s also a risk-taker, and frankly one of Nydas’s best

Lou, you’ve been a cast member of Dimension 20 for a while. How is playing with the team at Critical
Role different from playing with everyone at Dimension 20?

Lou: It’s definitely a different chemistry at the table than when I play with Dimension 20, but
these guys are such pros that we hit the ground running. I’ve had a distinctly delightful time
playing with their energy, while having the familiarity of Brennan’s DM style. Still plenty of bits,
but with more energy given to internal character and world exploration.

Aabria, you’ve been the DM for both ExU and ExU: Kymal. How excited are you to get to play a
character now in Critical Role’s universe?

Aabria: It’s so thrilling to be able to sit on the other side of the screen and experience the depth
and breadth of the world myself! Brennan is a master of storytelling, and I was constantly
surprised and delighted (and I have no poker face so you can see it at all times) at how much
Exandria felt new and different and thrilling and EXACTLY CORRECT AND FAMILIAR in his hands!
What a gift!

What is ONE thing you guys are excited for fans to see?

Lou: I’m really excited for fans to more explicitly see this lore heavy, dramatic side of Brennan.
We get glimpses of it at Dimension 20, but it’s on full display here. I really think fans are going to
go fucking nuts for Brennan‘s little slice of Exandria.

Aabria: I think everyone is going to fall in love with both Lou and Luis – this table is absolutely
STACKED, and those who don’t already know them are in for a TREAT!

Now, this makes the series even more exciting to watch and see. And if you want to experience the series yourself, it is available on both CR’s Youtube Channel as VODs and on their official podcast feed as well.

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