Prime Video’s new reality dating show, The One That Got Away has released its official trailer. Hosted by pop icon, Betty Who, the new unscripted series follows 6 singles who are given the chance to explore a lifetime of missed connections. 

These connections can be anything from a high school classmate whose crush always went unrequited, to a kind stranger who offered a helping hand five years ago. By entering through “The Portal”, the missed connections meet up with our hopefuls. This opportunity gives our hopefuls a chance to take their shot at love.

The One That Got Away will premiere all 10 episodes on  Prime Video, Friday, June 24, 2022.


Vince, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

Vince is a first-generation Chinese-Taiwanese-American. He met his first love at age 17. However, after nine years of dating and starting a thriving business together, he realized they were better as friends. Today, he’s a successful lawyer who is either suited up in a courtroom or catching a tan playing beach volleyball. But more importantly, Vince is a full-time dog dad hoping to find the paw-fect mom for his dog, Leo.

Allyssa, Houston, TX

Growing up in Houston, Allyssa never felt like she fit in. It wasn’t until she went to college in California that she discovered her passion for fitness and self-care. This helped transform her into the confident woman she is today. Allyssa believes in manifestation, and she has been known to keep a list of guys she knows in her journal.

Nigel, Los Angeles, CA

Former college basketball player Nigel took his talents from playing on the court to becoming a successful real estate professional. But now, he is tired of playing games when it comes to dating. As a successful single living in Los Angeles, Nigel is tired of underwhelming relationships, the party scene, and attending couples’ trips with random dates. He’s ready to not only find love but to be in love. There have been characteristics of women in the past that have taught him about himself. He is no longer willing to miss out on love! He’s hopeful his future wife will walk through The Portal.

Jeff, New York, NY 

Jeff is an outgoing, adventurous boy-next-door living in NYC. He grew up playing sports as a means to fit in with the straight crowd. Jeff came out at 21 (accidentally) but it changed his whole life for the better and today he is out, proud, and living his ultimate dream life. Jeff started a gay travel blog that connects people from the LGBTQ+ community from all over the world to share their coming out stories (along with their bums). Because he travels so much for work and mainly meets potential suitors on vacation, settling down has not necessarily been an option…until now. 

Kasey, Guttenberg, NJ

Kasey’s traditional parents pushed her to excel at everything she did—from academia to athletics. She applies that same level of commitment to her career and, of course, her relationships. Kasey ended her most recent relationship after 7.5 years with the man who she thought she would marry. After raising two dogs and a cat together, Kasey realized that she needed to put herself first. Now, she’s looking to make a meaningful connection with someone, and she won’t shy away from getting exactly what she wants. 

Ashley, Berlin Center, OH

From a rural town in the Midwest, Ashley always felt like the “ugly duckling” growing up, and spent her free time raising chickens. Dating has always been a challenge for Ashley, and after a bad relationship when she was 17 years old, she’s found it difficult to get back into the dating game. This successful healthcare worker, who already has her dream job as a CT scan technologist, is in search of her ideal man.