Stargirl is a wildly successful novel by Jerry Spinelli that became a hit movie on Disney+. The film tells the story of 15-year-old Stargirl finally going to public high school after being homeschooled her entire life. Now, the hit film finally gets a sequel with Hollywood Stargirl.

The sequel takes place right after the first one. However, Stargirl and her mother have moved to Hollywood so her mother can work as a costumer for a big movie. So now, Stargirl has to start over (again), and make new friends (again), while also making dreams come true. 


Director/Co-writer Julia Hart and co-writer Jordan Horowitz have taken tons of leeway when it comes to Hollywood Stargirl by completely straying from the book. However, in this new version, Hart & Horowitz are able to tell a story of artistic passion and evolution. As we know, Stargirl loves music and dances to the beat of her own drum. In this sequel, Grace VanderWaal is able to showcase her talents and steal the film, while performing with Hollywood royalty. 

Uma Thurman (Kill Bill), Judd Hirsche (Independence Day), and Judy Greer (The Thing About Pam) join the film. Greer plays Stargirl’s mother. I have been a fan of hers for decades and I loved how the story allowed the mother to learn something from her daughter. A lot of times, it’s the other way around. Judd Hirsh plays the curmudgeon old neighbor who lends his incredible talents in aiding the youth of the story. Uma Thurman also lends her talents to Hollywood Stargirl by portraying Roxanne Martel, a recluse singer/songwriter who ran away from the industry. However, Stargirl knows exactly who she is. While under her tutelage Stargirl is able to push and grow into the artist Roxanne knows she can be.


Even though Stargirl is the name of the film, she also meets a couple of new friends on this journey – Terrell (Tyrel Jackson Williams) and Evan (Elijah Richardson). The boys are two best friends who have written and are working on filming a sizzle reel. After hearing her sing an incredible cover of “Make Your Own Kind of Music”, Evan convinces his friend that Stargirl has to star in their sizzle.

Williams and Richardson are fantastic as their characters. The chemistry with VaderWaal is like they’ve been friends for years, even though they barely met in person for the first time. These newcomers have bright futures ahead of them.

Grace VanderWaal’s performance as Stargirl in this film is nothing short of extraordinary. While VanderWaal is 17 while filming, she has the soul and talent of someone much older and who has been in this industry longer. I personally cannot wait to see where her talent takes her from here. 

So, make sure to watch Hollywood Stargirl streaming on Disney+ Friday, June 3rd, 2023! Comment and let me know what you think!