If you’re familiar with NFTs, you’ve probably heard of Bored Apes. But next in the collection… Tweety Birds?

Yup, Warner Bros. is officially launching Looney Tunes NFTs. The company will work with Nifty to turn the beloved cartoon characters into non-fungible tokens. The project is appropriately titled “Looney Tunes: What’s Up Block?”

Josh Hackbarth, head of NFT Commercial Development for Warner Bros., said Looney Tunes is the perfect WB property to develop in the NFT space.

“We think that blockchain and NFTs and web3 in general is going to be a great evolution in entertainment. It doesn’t need to be really deep, deep storytelling, it is about gags and gimmicks and really recognizable characters, so it was a fun one to dig into,” Hackbarth told the Hollywood Reporter. “Looney Tunes is not afraid to make fun of itself, or the broader pop culture as a whole. It will be a bit tongue-in-cheek with how we are playing with blockchain technology, but what is more exciting is that we can use that to bring people into a new space to play.”

Tweety Bird, who turns 80 this year, will be the first Looney Tunes character to land an NFT. Others, including Bugs Bunny and Marvin the Martian, will follow at a later date.

Warner Bros. dipped into the NFT sphere twice before, creating digital avatars for Space Jam: A New Legacy and The Matrix Resurrections.

“There are lots of NFT projects, but there is only one Looney Tunes, so if we do it right and respect the IP, and respect the existing community, I think there is a large fandom to it,” said Nifty CEO Jeff Marsilio.

“We are crafting a story that will only be told through this program, so for each subsequent drop, and activity that we do with the program, there’s an overarching story component that ties it all together,” added Hackbarth. “It is really about keeping people engaged along the way.”

So, will you grab a Tweety Bird NFT from WB and Nifty? 

Or are you like me, wishing someone would drop a cartoon anvil on your head so you never had to hear about NFTs again?

Let us know in the comments below.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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