The Last Drive-In With Joe Bob Briggs is back in full swing and with the fifth week of Season 4. Joe Bob and Darcy decided to show two slasher movies, one being a more traditional (at least in a North American sense) and a Dario Argento film!

If you’ve never heard of Joe Bob Briggs or The Last Drive-In, every week during the course of their season, Joe Bob Briggs hosts a double-feature of movies. They can be horror classics, cult favorites, or buried treasures. Either way, they show the movie with insightful commentary by Joe Bob and Darcy The Mail Girl, often with special guests.

The movies they choose are a secret until the time of airing. I guessed what two movies they would show and I got one right! The two movies shown were Slaughterhouse and Tenebrae.

Slaughterhouse (1987) D. Rick Roessler, W. Rick Roessler – The Last Drive-In With Joe Bob Briggs

Poster for Slaughterhouse

After the two Nosferatu movies last week, it was refreshing to return to B-movie camp and Joe Bob delivered the goods with Slaughterhouse.

Perhaps people will deliberate how ‘unsung’ of a masterpiece Slaughterhouse may be, but it’s hard to argue with how fun the movie is. The film is more or less your standard slasher albeit with some wild and crazy kills and performances.

I saw a lot of people (including Darcy) take offense to the opening scene with the pigs. This movie definitely came out at a time when people were less sensible; that said it was still fun to watch in my opinion and it fits in nicely with the general B-movie exploitation vibe of the show.

My major complaint still stands with a lot of the episodes this season, no guests. It’s a part of the charm of the show, and it seems we have fewer guests than in previous seasons. Hopefully, we get a few before the season is over.

Tenebrae (1979) D. Dario Argento, W. Dario Argento – The Last Drive-In With Joe Bob Briggs

Poster for Tenebrae

The second movie was also a slasher, but of a different flavor, and that’s Dario Argento.

Argento is a highly respected name in horror; and while most people know of and like Suspiria, there are some lesser-known horror movies from the director; and Tenebrae is his most widely praised and critically acclaimed movie; so it was nice to show the film for audiences who maybe haven’t done an Argento deep dive.

The movie itself is a lot of fun, all scored by Goblin (as is usual for Argento). Joe Bob got into a lot of the background info on this movie and it was pretty insightful.


It was nice to return to the B-movie camp which is where Joe Bob shines. He takes movies that most people wouldn’t bother respecting or holding in reverence, and he gives you everything you need to do so. Even if you don’t always agree, it’s hard to argue against Joe Bob’s ability to instill respect for a movie and I think he’s at his best when movies don’t necessarily have that already; whereas last week with Nosferatu, those movies are generally well-regarded already.

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