MCM Comic Con really comes into its own on Saturday with the day sold out.

Genshin Impact Cosplay @ MCM Comic Con
Genshin Impact was a major sponsor of the event

That means that over 60000 people will go through the doors at Excel London. For me though the day started with me taking part in a panel myself. As part of encouraging the community to take part creatives can apply to MCM to host panels.

Behind The Scenes With Indie Film Filmmakers

The Panel members

The panel I took part in is called The Sunday Film Club Presents: Behind the Scenes with Indie Filmmakers: Part 2. The panel consisted of host Domingos Coxi, Gabrielle Wood, Michael Clayton Jr. Ros Gilman and Valentina D’Annunzio. Domingos is the founder of the Sunday Film Club a community project bringing people together over a love of film. Gabrielle is a script survivor with an impressive resume. Michael is a sound engineer who has worked on a number of British productions. Ros Gilman is an award winning composer, songwriter, conductor and musician while Valentina is a documentary maker, author and editor.

After a successful first panel we are grateful to be invited back to talk to attendees about getting involved in the entertainment industry. That took place on the Live Stage at MCM Comic Con to a modest but interested crowd. They asked excellent questions of the panel and a number of them stayed after to talk more.

The Science Behind The Superheroes

MCM Comic Con Panel - The Science Behind The Superheroes
The Science Being The Superheroes

Another panel “The Science Behind The Superheroes” took place over at the creator stage. Hosted by science writer Louise Saul it featured Computer Science Lecturer Nicky Danino and Robert Walsh, Professor of Solar Physics. The panel looked at how science is portrayed in entertainment and talked in length about subjects as different as gene manipulation and warp speed. As well as being a writer about comics Louise is also a very talented cosplayer.

Assembling The Universe

Next I attended the Assembling The Universe panel which was a presentation and talk about the upcoming Avengers Campus opening at Disneyland Paris. The opening is currently scheduled for July 20, 2022.

In addition to a number of short videos that give us a taste of things to come there were several guest Imagineers on hand. Scot Drake, John Mauro, Beth Clapperton, Dan Fields, Steven Spiegel, and Caroline May spoke in depth about the Imagineering process and how Avengers Campus fits into the MCU.

They told us about the origins of the Campus including how their plans started in Hong Kong. The panel also talked about working the locations of these exhibits into the storylines themselves.

Keep following for more of our coverage from the Con.

It is hard to describe the panels and experiences of being here in words but there is a solution. You can check out all panels at MCM Comic-Con over the weekend by purchasing a digital ticket.

This digital ticket grants you access to view all the panels that took place at MCM Comic-Con and also does the same for all ReedPop events. These events include both MCM Comic Con London, New York Comic Con, Emerald City Comic Con and C2E2.