It wasn’t too long ago that WB and J.J. Abrams made a $250 million deal for Bad Robot to produce content for Warner Bros. Now according to a new report from THR, the budget for the first project from that deal, Demimonde, has ballooned up to $200 million. New WB Discovery CEO David Zaslav, who recently canceled The Wonder Twins over a $75 million budget, is frustrated by the lack of output. The series’s future is on the docket this week, with a decision on the show coming soon. The series is set to star Danielle Deadwyler and would air on HBO.

They go on to state that the overall deal with Bad Robot isn’t in jeopardy even if they’re not pleased with the creative output so far. Abrams has multiple projects with WB in the works including an adult animated Batman series, Subject To Change, and Justice League Dark. These DC projects are of particular importance and it’s said that they’ve come under the spotlight. THR goes on to say that there is frustration at WB Discovery because Abrams has “claimed” so many characters, essentially tying them up.

Abrams is also working on a new Star Trek movie for Paramount. The deal he signed with WB didn’t include anything about exclusivity. Zaslav has already made huge changes at WB Discovery in the short time he’s been CEO. Any and all deals the company has right now are under scrutiny.

We’ll keep you updated on this story as it develops.

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Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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