Grab your magically extended suitcase for the latest Wizarding World adventure. If you haven’t already seen the latest Fantastic Beasts, now is your chance. Fantastic Beasts: Secrets Of Dumbledore will now be apparating into your home through HBO Max. Starting May 30th you can join Newt and the rest of the gang on their latest adventure.

Revelio Plot

Dumbledore Vs. Grindelwald in Fantastic Beasts: Secrets of Dumbledore

Picking up where Crimes Of Grindelwald left off, the third installment of Fantastic Beasts gives us more backstory. Centering, as the title suggests, on Dumbledore and his backstory. We learn about his relationship with his brother and with Grindelwald. We also see Newt and the rest get closer to try and stop Grindelwald’s plan.

Also, many of the cliff-hangers that were left unsolved, finally get resolved. We find out what happens with Queenie and Jacob. As you may recall, Queenie is on Grindelwald’s side. We also find out who Credence really is. In the previous Fantastic Beasts movie, they leave us thinking he is a Dumbledore. We finally get to see if that is true or if it was a manipulation tactic by Grindelwald.

Grindelwald Vs. Grindelwald

Johnny Depp's Grindelwald in comparison to Mads Mikkelsen's Grindelwald

Now, I know many are on the fence about watching this movie. Mostly because of the recasting done. But, let me assure you, this is a Fantastic movie to watch. The story is interesting, with us seeing a young Dumbledore. We get to see the legendary love-turned-rivalry between him and Grindelwald. As well as getting more of Ariana’s story and seeing more of Aberforth.

Apart from those aspects, we see a new take on Grindelwald in this Fantastic Beasts. Granted, Johnny’s portrayal is great, but Mads Mikkelsen is phenomenal. I was hesitant to watch it, but wow this man took Grindelwald and makes him so much darker. Whereas Johnny is the charming person who makes you believe he wants the best for you. The leader who draws you in with his charisma and his charm. It is more of a comical whimsical view.

Mikkelsen comes in and adds a more serious tone. The Grindelwald we see is one that you know if you cross him, you will pay for it. His Grindelwald still seems charming and all, but with a dark undertone. Whereas in Johnny’s you do not think he can do any bad, with Mads you can see he can. And, that for some reason makes the character so much better. It makes you realize why he is so dangerous and Dumbledore’s equal. It is something that you must see to understand just why he trumps Depp’s portrayal, even by just a little bit.

Mo’ Fantastic Beasts Mo’ Problems

The latest beast in Fantastic Beasts. The Qilin

Last but not least, you should see this latest Fantastic beast for the creatures. We have Teddy the niffler of course, a favorite of mine. It would not be a Fantastic Beast movie without Teddy. As well as Pickett, Newt’s trusty twig-like magical lock picking pet. We also get to see a couple of new magical beasts. Some, are cuter than others, but all of them awesome to watch.

So, this May 30th, go to HBO Max to stream Fantastic Beats: Secrets of Dumbledore. And, check out my take on that twist right here. Let me know your thoughts on this latest installment down below. Don’t forget to come back to That Hashtag Show for the latest Wizarding World news.