I’ve long been a fan of wired mice. They just have better response rates, no worries about a battery, and generally, they’re more reliable. However, the Razer Viper V2 Pro has changed my current mouse of choice. Whether it’s for gaming, work, editing, or just clicking around on Twitter, there isn’t a mouse that I’ve used that’s more multi-purpose than the Viper V2 Pro. It’s on the smaller side but that just means you won’t get tired hauling it across your mousepad.

It’s not just the physical mouse that makes the Viper V2 great though. Razer’s proprietary software that allows you to tune the mouse to every need, including down to the single digit DPI. The Razer Synapse software also allows for customization of every button and scroll on the mouse. It’s truly the most intuitive and encompassing software you’ll use for a mouse.

Design And Performance

The Viper V2 has a sleek design that really forms to your hand, whether you use it with a right or a left hand (althought left handed people won’t have the extra two buttons on the side). Through hours and hours of use, it’s been a real treat and comfortable to use. It comes with grips that you can apply to the mouse, I used it with and without the grips and both ways are comfortable in different ways. It’s nice and smooth without the grips, so some light gaming or editing work is a breeze. The grips really come into play when you’re doing some longer gaming sessions. I don’t really get sweaty hands, but keeping your hand on the mouse when you’re trying to make that precise shot in Warzone is a godsend.

The mouse comes with a non-tangle cable to charge or use in wired mode. The cable is really nice to have and a USB-C, so you can charge whatever other devices you need to. It also allows for the 2.4GHz HyperSpeed USB dongle to connect to the mouse.

What you’re really getting with the Viper V2 Pro is the new Focus Pro 30K Optical Sensor though. They boast a complete resolution accuracy of 99.8% and that might sound like tech jargon (because it is for most of us), the sensor is insanely accurate. This just allows for more customization that fits any space for the mouse. It can track where you lift the mouse and put it back down and tailor the sensitivity to that style.

The battery lasts quite a long time, and it’s fairly easy to charge overnight. Even in the wired mode, the mouse is just as responsive and charges fairly quickly.

Should You Buy The Razer Viper V2 Pro?

The real question comes down to if you need a new mouse or want to get more out of that accesory for gaming. Being a mouse really made for competitive gaming, this could have been something that normal people would push away. It’s a testament to the work and care that Razer went into for this product. It’s deceptively simple, but packs plenty of features and tuning methods to give every gamer what they want.

The mouse does retail for $149.99, which is on the pricier end for mice, but it’s really worth every penny. For people wanting a new wireless mouse, this is the best new option you can grab. Grab it from any licensed Razer retailer or from Razer.com. It comes in either white or black.

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