With the CHARGE TO 100 only 7 issues away. This issue has 2 very different types of stories!

Families come in all types

Zack and Trini have saved a toddler, whom Zack names Journey, they soon discover the “joys” of co-parenting. We also have the obvious language barrier to add to the situation to boot. It’s great we get all the atypical sitcom hijinks with a few superheroism shenanigans too. The choice of using baby talk in wittle comik bwubbles is adorable! Until a call from Kimberly stops them from their familial fun…

Something Red, Something Blue, and a Ranger from another planet too!

Jason, Yale, and Andros are trying to free the last remaining inhabitants of KO-35. The “team” plans on a rescue mission or else Andros will be the last of his people.

The next few pages go into Andros’ back story and explain how he got his powers from Zordon. How Dark Specter overtook his home and turned the citizens into monsters. He even names drops Zhane, the Silver Space Ranger, and later the Astro Megaship. There are a few panels you even see him morphed into both of his “suits”

Obviously, the Red ranger duo and Yale free the citizens and Andros chooses to stick around for a bit saying he needs to find some prototype Ranger Morphers. But before he leaves he speaks with one of the now freed elders about his “mission” that the Omegas have no clue about…

Thoughts from THE GRID

Wow, this issue really has 2 totally different stories going on for itself. Both hold their own in the panels. Ryan Parrot knows how to write with a lighthearted pen and then pushes it further into a heavy arc.

It was inevitable that we were going to get Andros to cross paths eventually, after seeing his sister almost a year ago. Then throwing the name drops of Zordon, Zhane, and the Astro Megaship all had my fanboy heart aflutter. the icing on the cake was the stealth suit.

What I find really great is the feeling you get from Andros. Parrot’s writing style really makes Andros feel like an outsider, Much like he was on the first part of Power Rangers in Space. Very stand-offish having his own motives and nothing would get in his way to accomplish his goals.

Covers Like No Others

All the covers are available in Virgin Variants and you can of course get them at your LCS. Congrats to both Keyla K. Valerio and Kath Lobo on their first Power Rangers covers!

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