It turns out that in 1986 scientists at the Hawkins National Laboratory created a way to order pizza with your mind. Now, Domino’s is using that technology and teaming with Netflix’s Stranger Things for their new app. The Domino’s Mind Ordering app brings a new ordering experience and some other fun tools for you when you want pizza. The description for the app reads like this.

Do you have the power to order Domino’s with your mind? With the help of the brilliant minds at Stranger Things‘ Hawkins National Laboratory, we have a way to find out. Time travel back to 1986 and step into the Stranger Things universe as you become a super-powered test subject in the latest experiments taking place at Hawkins National Laboratory. Learn about your telekinetic powers, explore your surroundings, and use your newfound skills to place your Domino’s Easy Order without the touch of a button.

On the app, you can learn how to control telekinetic abilities, explore the Hawkins National Lab from Stranger Things, use your mind to find easter eggs and goodies from the past and upcoming seasons of the show, and connect your Domino’s account for easy ordering with your mind!

Check out the video they put together with Dustin and Lucas. The best thing? Domino’s is bringing back the classic 80s-inspired pizza boxes for your order.

Download the app on the Google Play Store or App Store now!

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