Rebel Wilson’s new Netflix movie, Senior Year has all the promise of a small-town high school Valedictorian. Fun comedy, nostalgic soundtrack, and a great premise. However, about halfway through the film, it all loses steam.


In Senior Year Rebel Wilson plays the grown version of a high-school cheerleader Stephanie who, after a tragic accident, falls into a coma right before prom. Now, twenty years later, Stephanie wakes up to learn that not only did she miss her prom, but also her “perfect” life. Stephanie is now on a mission to return to high school, reclaim her throne, and become prom queen.

Angourie Rice (Spiderman: No Way Home) is absolutely stellar as a young Rebel Wilson. She has her mannerisms and funny asides down to a tee. I truly believe her as the down-and-out girl who claws her way into popularity. Rebel Wilson’s comedic choices play right into those of an angsty teenage girl. As well, the juxtaposition of a Millennial in a Gen-Z world also leads to some really fun moments as well. 

Zoë Chao (The After Party) as the grown version of Stephanie’s nemesis, Tiffany, is a standout in the film as well. This time around, the parents get to learn from their children in order to truly grow up and move forward with the lives they are also stuck in. 


While Senior Year has all the ingredients for a fun, teen-comedy of our past including a finale dance number, and a great soundtrack. However,  a lot of it still falls flat. I started my watch all in, but about halfway through I got the message, laughed at the jokes, and was ready to turn it off, but there was so much more to go. I’m honestly not sure if it’s the overly long run time coming in at an hour and 51 mins. Maybe it’s the jokes not truly hitting or because it’s all rehashed storylines of what we’ve seen before just not executed as well. 

Overall, I’d give Senior Year a C+ for effort. What did you think? Comment and let me know below!

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