First, Doctor Who announced it would bring back showrunner Russell T. Davies. Then, following a series of rumors, we got official confirmation from the BBC that both David Tennant AND Catherine Tate would return. Now, another exciting development: photos of Tennant on the Doctor Who set have leaked online.

Over the weekend, Davies released a statement about Tate and Tennant’s return for the 60th anniversary special. However, details about the special are being kept under wraps. This left the specifics of Tennant’s return somewhat up in the air. His return as the Tenth Doctor seemed the most obvious choice, but there was always the possibility that Tennant could appear as another character (like Tom Baker’s Curator in the 50th anniversary special), or even as another as-yet-unexplored incarnation of the Doctor.

But while we still don’t have any official confirmation, it looks like Tennant returning to Doctor Who as Ten could be in the cards. New set photos leaked online today which appear to show Tennant back in his Tenth Doctor attire. The dark coat is new, but the suit, tie, and white Converse will no doubt be familiar to fans.

Of course, this is the sort of reveal that brings more questions than answers. Tate’s run as companion Donna Noble ended when she accidentally absorbed some Time Lord DNA, which began overwhelming her human brain. To save her, the Doctor blocked out all of Donna’s memories of their travels together.

So, will Doctor Who’s 60th anniversary special slot into Donna’s timeline pre-memory wipe? Are these alternate universe versions of the characters where the memory wipe never happened? Or will the 60th special actually find a way to fix the DoctorDonna’s mind and allow her to remember the Doctor again? (Wishful thinking? Maybe. I’ve only been wanting this since 2008. Donna deserved better!!)

Meanwhile in the Whoniverse, Jodie Whittaker’s run as the Thirteenth Doctor is drawing to a close. The BBC recently announced her successor as Sex Education’s Ncuti Gawa.

So, what role do you hope Tennant and Tate play in the Doctor Who 60th special? What other characters would you like to see return to celebrate the show’s anniversary? Let us know in the comments below.

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