LEGO has been giving us some great retro sets lately. From the classic NES to the Back to the Future Time Machine LEGO has been taking collectors down memory lane. Well, now we can add another one to the set with the new Transformers Optimus Prime LEGO set. This 1508-piece set pays homage to the fearless leader of the Autobots, and yes before you even ask, he does transform. Optimus Prime will retail for $169.99 and will be available at on June 1st. You can check out the official details of this LEGO set below.

Transformers: Optimus Prime LEGO Set

Optimus Prime. Leader of the heroic Autobots. And now an impressive 2-in-1 LEGO® build for Transformers fans. Awaken your passion for the Transformers universe with this rewarding building project for adults as you craft all the details of an iconic robot.

Optimus Prime

Hiding in plain sight
Just like the beloved original, this Optimus Prime model converts from a robot to a truck and back again. Admire the 19 points of articulation in robot mode and open the chest chamber to store the Autobot Matrix of Leadership. Attach the jetpack in robot mode and place the ion blaster and Energon axe in the Autobot’s hands. Other authentic accessories include an Energon cube and optional waist panel. Add the plaque to display your passion for Transformers with pride.

Welcome to your zone
Spend quality time with premium LEGO buildable model sets for adults. This set makes an immersive project for you or a top gift idea for anyone who loves Transformers collectibles.

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Optimus Prime

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