We are back with another unboxing from the talented Alchemy For the Skin. This is the second part of her Herbology series. If you did not see the first unboxing, click on Herbology 102: Poison Plants unboxing to check it out!

As I have said before, Alchemy for the Skin is a skincare box subscription. Created and run by one wonderful lady who adds magic to each box. She creates goodies such as skin balms for pain, dry skin, or cuts and scrapes. As well as, lotions, room sprays, and soothing oils. Not only that, but her creativity is endless, and focuses a lot on Harry Potter. Previous boxes have been centered on Umbridge, Weasley’s, and even a fun Hermione makeup box. Each box comes full of so many amazing things, you won’t regret ordering one.

Onto what this box has for us this time! As I said, this is the continuation of the previous box. Meaning, that it’s all about herbology and the various poisonous plants of the Wizarding World. This is a special box to me since Professor Sprout, the Herbology teacher is the head of Hufflepuff House, You know, the best Hogwarts house ever. So, let’s dig in.

The syllabus, Dragon dung fertilizer, and essence of dittany that came in the Alchemy for the skin Herbology 102 box
  • The Syllabus

First and foremost, the syllabus. It is the first thing we see when we open the box. Big and beautiful it states what is in store this semester. This small detail makes this box so cute. This adorable syllabus is a mixture of a Hogwarts letter and an actual college syllabus. This detail is my top favorite thing in the boxes I have received.

  • The Healing Herb

Additionally, we have Essence of Dittany. Dittany is a magical plant in the Wizarding World. Its uses are in healing. You can put it on scratches and scrapes. Just as the name implies, this is an oil for any scrapes or scratches you may get as it promotes healing. Also, this oil contains Calendula another herb famous for its healing properties. With these two combined any scrapes will disappear, as if like magic.

  • Dragon Dung Fertilizer

In the last box, we had a different type of Dragon Fertilizer in the shape of sugar cubes. This time we have it as a sugar scrub. Consisting of coconut and calendula, it smells just like chocolate and looks amazing too. Cannot wait to use this to give my face a nice youthful glow.

Poison apple antidote, poison apple concoction, and draught of peace. All from the Alchemy for the skin Herbology 102 box.
  • Poison Apple Concoctions

Also as part of the last box, we have our poison apple. This poison apple comes in the form of nice shea butter and aloe lotion. Smelling of Apple Earl Grey and Almond the scent is strong and beautiful. You can smell the apple straight away. With the shea butter in it, this body lotion is sure to leave your skin nice and soft.

  • Poison Apple Antidote

Following the first one is this poison apple of the box. This one is a testament to the talent poured into the boxes. It is a lipstick whose color is a beautiful dusty purple. It smells so nice and leaves your lips very soft. When worn the dusty purple does not show and is more so of a chopstick which I am all for. When trying it on, it left my lips very soft and tasting great! No more chapped lips.

  • Draught of Peace

This is the second room spray I have of hers and my gosh do I love them. The first one I got is an apple cinnamon one that leaves the room smelling like pancakes. The one in this box is a gentle lavender and vanilla scent. The vanilla is the more prominent smell, but there is no denying the lavender that comes in it. This spray, much as its name suggests, is meant to make you feel peaceful. So, it makes the perfect nighttime spray for your room.

Alchemy for the Skin's Herbology 102 box. These are the Venomous Tentacula Venom, restorative tea, and philosopher's stone.
  • Venomous Tentacula Venom

This is my second favorite thing from this whole box! As a person who is always anxious, RIP my nail beds, this is a wonderful thing to have. Also as a mom, I feel it is a must. This is an anxiety-reducing oil. This oil contains Ylang ylang oil, patchouli, lemon, tangerine, and neroli. You apply this oil to the back of the neck behind your ears, and on the temples to reduce any anxiety you may feel. It smells very soothing and will definitely help you feel at ease.

  • Tea that Restores

In addition to all the skin and well-being oils, we have this incredible tea. It is an organic caffeine tea that helps restore your body to a healthy wellbeing. This tea consists of spearmint, rosemary, lemon balm, linden, eucalyptus, wood betony, blackberry leaf, and eleuthero root. Even though I do not know half of the ingredients, I can tell they all sound great for your body. And as we all know spearmint, blackberry, rosemary, and Eucalyptus are some of the best herbs to take to feel better or to remain in good health. This comes in a tube and smells like spearmint gum. Looking forward to having a cup of this later today.

  • Strawberry Stone

Moreover, we have a very cool piece that she adds to this box. Every student that completes their syllabus gets a philosopher stone. The original stone gives you eternal life. These magical ones give us strawberry smelling goodness to our skin. Eternal life is nice but can get boring after some time. I much prefer the good-smelling soft skin this stone bestows on us. Smelling strongly of strawberry with an enchanting pink hue, it’s a magical plus to have.

Collective Teacup, teacup pin, and mandrake seedling. All from Alchemy of the skin's Herbology 102 box.
  • Screaming Mandrakes

There’s been a small incident in the greenhouse! It seems some of the Mandrakes have got a makeover with some color spilling into them. These cute little ones come in different colors, which is part of the surprise! You don’t’ know what color your drop-dead cutie will turn out to be. Be careful though, no matter how cute they are, do not pull them out without earmuffs!

  • Pin Collection

Another great treasure! Most of Alchemy For the Skin’s boxes have a personalized pin that goes with the theme. This is the Magical Teacup Pin No. 2. The first one came in the previous box. This pin is a gorgeous teacup pin with purple as its main color. Decorated with flowers it is the perfect symbol of Herbology.

  • A Cup of Tea

Finally! The absolute most charming part of Alchemy For the SKin boxes, Yes, I have said that numerous times, but this is definitely what I am most looking forward to. The collectible teacups that come in a few of Alchemy For the Skin boxes. This teacup is so adorable. The main color of the teacup is white with a design of the Greenhouse Three. Some of us will recognize that as the greenhouse where all Hogwarts students were taught. All except the first years as the Greenhouse Three held the more dangerous herbs. This detail will make any Potterhead smile as it is a nice touch and callback. The mug is beautiful and definitely a nice collectible to have.

So this is our Alchemy For the Skin box! This one is a nice treat to have. As stated, her boxes are wonderful little gems to order. You can search her up on Instagram, Facebook, or her website. If you do decide to order from her, use our discount code of Wolfsbane15 for 15% off your order. You will not regret it. Her next boxes are House of Black, Dark Luna, Fantastic Beasts, and a limited edition Hogwarts Halloween Potion box! Check it out and let me know in the comments down below what you think.

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