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Yes, She-Hulk will lay a lot of the groundwork for what will be an adaptation of World War Hulk. As with all adaptations, there will be some differences in how the story is told and the characters who are involved, but you will see a lot of the groundwork laid in She-Hulk.

As for the second part of your question, there aren’t nearly as many Hulks in She-Hulk. It’s not an AGENTS OF SMASH situation.

Yes, Moon Knight was supposed to work itself into the MCU more than it did but there were a lot of factors that went into deciding against that, but that did mean that we lost some connections and teases.

Since Blade ties into the world of Vampires (and Werewolves). I’ve been told that there will be something in Werewolf By Night; but as to what that is, I’m not privy to that info yet, but there will be some connection.

In my opinion, no.

No Way Home told a more compelling story and used its cameos for a better effect than Multiverse of Madness. Also, there are a lot of plot holes in Multiverse of Madness.

EDITOR’S NOTE: They’re different movies with different objectives and hard to compare.

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I was told this was stunt/gimmick casting. Meant to be a wink to the fans, but by no means is it official MCU casting.

For the first part, no (see above why).

As for directing, I doubt he will direct. From what I’m hearing, the script is nearing completion and Marvel doesn’t have the time or manpower to bring on someone who isn’t familiar with their ecosystem as a director. They want someone who will hit the ground running!

For this reason, I’m hearing they prefer to hire someone who has worked with them before. While I don’t know who that would be, that gives some good opportunities such as Jon Favreau, Peyton Reed, James Gunn, Shane Black, etc.

That said, if they can’t find someone like that, they will still need to find someone, but I’m hearing there’s a strong inclination to hire someone they know.

From what I’ve heard the creatives are all interested in doing a Season 2, but Marvel is still analyzing analytics to see how well it did to weigh if a Season 2 is worth it for them. We’ll probably find out if it is in the next few months.

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