The United Forces Tour between Helloween and Hammerfall took a while to get going. Whether it was delayed due to COVID or just scheduling, the two bands have been on pause for what seems like forever. Helloween released their self-titled album in 2021, which was as close to a masterpiece as you can get. Now, they kicked off the tour in Manchester, England with three songs from that album, but they might not be the ones you think. Here’s the setlist thanks to our friends at

As you can see, we only get three songs from the new album among “six” (counting songs in the medley) other songs that they haven’t played since at least 2016. Overall, it looks somewhat similar to the Pumpkins United setlist with the structure, but fewer songs overall. There are definitely some interesting inclusions including “Save Us”, “Straight Out of Hell”, and “Where The Rain Grows”. Seeing as how this isn’t the Halloween World Tour, it makes sense that they’re not including more songs from that album. It’s disappointing that they’re not including some of the better tracks like “Out For The Glory”, “Fear Of The Fallen”, or “Robot King”. There’s still plenty of time to hear those tracks, however.

Helloween isn’t like Iron Maiden with their setlists, they change over the course of a tour, and they shuffle songs in and out as they please. So for people going out to see them on the United Forces Tour with Hammerfall, you could still hear some different songs than these.

Overall, even though I have some critiques, I’d still kill to hear this setlist.

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