Red Nose Day is coming up soon on May 26th. But, the team at Critical Role has already done something special for the occasion.

The newest charity one-shot for Red Nose Day has premiered, and things got crazy in it:

The game got crazy in part to the fans helping to shape the story. Through a charity Tiltify campaign, which is still going on, the choices the fans made helped out with the story. And those choices also helped out with what Stephen Colbert’s character was going to have.

And those choices included:

  • Have a bee (Eric the 2nd, following his father’s footsteps) that travels with him
  • Be able to cast Polymorph ONCE during the adventure, regardless of class and level (but it has a small chance of going wrong)
  • Need to recover his dignity that has been taken from him
  • Start his journey with a living weapon that despises violence

Now, this is the second one-shot that Critical Role and Stephen Colbert have done. They also did a similar one-shot in 2019:

The Tiltify campaign is still going on, and all of the money raised in it will go directly to Red Nose Day, and their continuing work to keep kids out of childhood poverty.