As a kid, there was only one thing I wanted to be, and that was to be a pitcher in the MLB. Why did I want to be a pitcher? Well, the answer to that question can be summed up by one name…Nolan Ryan. Nicknamed The Ryan Express it is easy to see why I or anyone would want to be like him on the mound. With over 5000 strikeouts, 7 no-hitters, and beating up Robin Ventura there was not and probably never will be a pitcher like him. To honor Rayn, Utopia and Fathom Events will be screening Facing Nolan a documentary on the legendary Nolan Ryan himself. The Facing Nolan will have an exclusive screening by Fathom events on May 24th.

Facing Nolan – The Ultimate Nolan Ryan Documentary

Told from the point of view of the hitters who faced him and the teammates who revered him, Facing Nolan is the definitive documentary of a Texas legend. In the world of Major League Baseball, no one has created a mythology like Nolan Ryan. In Theaters Nationwide on May 24th.

Nolan Ryan

Nolan Ryan’s numbers tell a story, but numbers alone do not capture his essence. Flashpoints have emblazoned him onto our subconscious: like pitching with his jersey covered in blood. Running a cattle ranch during the off-season. The iconic brawl where Ryan walloped the 20 years younger Robin Ventura. Despite mythical moments and statistical brilliance, Ryan’s career is a study in extremes. Not only does he hold the record for most walks and most wild pitches, but he has also given up the most grand-slams and the most stolen bases. Many of today’s baseball analysts do not consider him to be among the greats, but with all this in mind, where does Ryan fit in the ever-evolving game of baseball? 

This event includes an exclusive Q&A with Nolan Ryan and the filmmakers from the SXSW world premiere.

More On Nolan Ryan

Nolan Ryan

Growing up I was always excited to see Nolan Ryan on TV. He was unstoppable. When he took the mound batters feared him and his teammates were glad they were on the same team. I also can remember getting as excited when I found a Ryan card in the thousands of packs of baseball cards I tore open. Of course, my prized card is his 1968 Topps rookie card. I mean how could you not be a Ryan fan? here are a few stats that the Ryan Express rack up while playing for the Mets, Angles, Astros, and Rangers.

Nolan Ryan holds 51 MLB records here are just a few

  • 5,714 career strikeouts
  • 215 career double-digit strikeout games
  • 7 career no-hitters
  • 12 career 1-hitters, tied with Bob Feller
  • 18 career 2-hitters
  • 31 career 3-hitters
  • 15 – 200-strikeout seasons
  • 6 – 300-strikeout seasons

So as you can see he was pretty unstoppable. Most of the records he holds will probably never be broken. It was an honor and a thrill to watch him play. I for one can not wait to watch Facing Nolan.

You can see if Facing Nolan is playing in a theater near you by heading to Fathom Events.

Nolan Ryan
Photo: Beckett

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