Rob Zombie’s The Munsters is shaping up to be a blast from the past. And now even more so, as it looks like an original star may appear in the new film.

The rumor comes via social media, thanks to post-production facility Mirror Studios. On their official Instagram account, Mirror Studios shared a photo of Pat Priest apparently recording audio. Priest played Marilyn Munster in the original TV series.

The photo caption reads, “While working on Rob Zombie’s upcoming release of The Munsters we had the good fortune of working with the one and only Pat Priest.”

At first glance this post seems to confirm Priest for the film. But there’s still some nuance leaving things ambiguous here. First, even if Priest was at Mirror Studios for The Munsters, it doesn’t necessarily mean she will appear in the film. She may only have recorded audio to be used in the movie.

Alternatively – though this seems a bit less likely due to the post’s phrasing – Priest may have been at Mirror Studios to record for an entirely different project. Then, the Instagram post just notes a fun coincidence that the studio was working on The Munsters and with a Munsters alum at the same time.

The character of Marilyn, Lily Munster’s niece, was originally portrayed by Beverly Owen. However, Priest went on to play the character for most of the show’s run. 

Neither director Zombie nor Universal Studios have confirmed if Priest will appear in the new film. (In fact, we don’t know Zombie’s film will even include the character of Marilyn.)

So, what do you think? Would you want to see Priest appear in the new movie as an Easter egg for fans? Let us know in the comments below.

Meanwhile, check back to THS for more updates on Zombie’s Munsters flick.

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