Fantastic Beasts: Secrets of Dumbledore comes out this Friday. Along with it comes the big reveal of that cliffhanger we left off in. Is Credence a Dumbledore? Or, is Grindelwald playing with his emotions? We finally find out who Aurelius Dumbledore really is, and the twist adds to the greatest of the movie.

How It All Began

Before we dive into that, let’s recap what is happening. Warning, there are spoilers ahead. Now, we left off with Grindelwald gaining Queenie and Credence, now Aurelius Dumbledore. He can manipulate those around him to begin a war with the muggles. Meanwhile, Albus Dumbledore enlists the help of Magizoologist Newt to fight Grindelwald. Along with Newt, we have his brother Theseus, nomaj Jacob, Yusuf Kama, and Lally Hicks.

The reason Albus calls Newt and does not try to take down Grindelwald on his own is due to a blood oath. Grindelwald and Dumbledore create a blood oath that stops them from fighting each other. Thus, each must find different means to bring the other down. Dumbledore with Newt and Grindelwald with Credence, or shall I say Aurelius Dumbledore.

Did Not See That Coming

Now, when we left off, we did not know how it is that Aurelius actually relates to Albus and Aberforth, we just learn he is a Dumbledore. Grindelwald states he is the long-lost brother cast aside, and for a while, that’s what we all think. I mean, Dumbledore and his family are full of secrets so why not believe there is another hidden child?

But, as we learn and again spoilers ahead, that is not the case. It turns out Aurelius is Aberforth’s child. Turns out stoic, serious, aloof Aberforth has an illegitimate son. This twist I did not see coming and that is why it works so perfectly. While we, or at least I was, thinking of ways Aurelius could be a Dumbledore, Aberforth never crossed my mind. If anything I even though Albus is the father. Great job Warner Bros. Great job.

Not So Bad After All

Aurelius and Albus during their fight.

Now, the reason this works so well, again, in my opinion, is this. Making Aurelius Aberforth’s son, it saves Albus from being the horrible guy we know he will one day be. Because, yes he justifies leaving Harry with the Dursleys as protecting him, but what excuse will he have for Aurelius? If Albus once again left a poor defenseless orphan in a home where he is abused, he would be truly evil. This prevents him from being no better than Grindelwald.

Also, it leaves the image intact. In these films, Albus is all about redeeming himself. He knows he is wrong for joining forces with Grindelwald, but he is trying to make up for that. This twist that we see lets that narrative continue and lets us see a kinder, gentler side of him. This is why the Qilin chooses him as they only bow to those with good intentions. Albus is trying hard to be the Albus we see in the Harry Potter films. Minus the manipulations, I think he was doing what he felt needed to be done to save the world. But, that is also for another time.

Instead, even Albus is in for a surprise when he fights his nephew. It is only then that he realizes who he is and that they are indeed related. This adds to the original Harry Potter story without changing it, since we do not know much about Aberfroth. Why is he having an illegitimate son important to those films? This is expanding the story without taking from the stories that came before.

Giving More Depth To A Character

Another thing it does is that it also explains a little more about Aberforth Dumbledore. His distant, almost angry, portrayal in the Harry Potter films. This guy has had a lot of things happen to him and has suffered a lot throughout his life. Let’s just add a son he is barely finding out. Only to then learn that Aurelius is dying. This adds another dimension to Aberforth we do not get to see until now. Before this, he is Albus’ angry brother who hates him for causing the death of their sister. Now he is a man who has lost more than his fair share.

What did you think of the shocking twist? Is it something you saw coming, or did you figure it out? Let me know in the comments down below and don’t forget if you haven’t already seen it, Fantastic Beasts: Secrets of Dumbledore is now in theaters.