Sing 2 is still in theaters, but you can also own it on Blu-ray and DVD. Which, I suggest you do because the bonus features are more than worth it!

As you may know, Sing 2 is the sequel to the fun Sing movie. This sequel follows Buster and the crew as they aspire for a bigger show. The problem is that Buster may have a bit more than he can chew when he promises Clay Calloway. Problem is, that Clay Calloway is a recluse hermit who has not played in 15 years. What follows is a catchy music-filled adventure of trying to get the show off the ground.

More Sing 2

Now, I will say having the movie at home plays a huge advantage with little ones. For one, I can rewind it to the songs they love the most. Such as my niece wanting to hear the beginning song over and over again. Something you cannot do in theaters and somehow children do not realize you have no control over it. As well as, you can pause it when they want a snack or ask for something. That makes the experience so much better as you do not miss anything.

Bonus Features of Sing 2

How To Draw Buster from Sing 2

First of all, the bonus features of Sing 2 are some of the best I have seen. We first get not one but two mini-movies. One is of Gunther, the lovable pig, getting hypnotized. He believes he is a secret agent and it sends him chasing innocent hotel guests. The second one is of Darius who must film a commercial. Problem is, he is not as great of an actor as he thinks he is. All seems lost when he misses out on a role, only for said commercial to put him on the map again. These short movies are fun, cute, and give us more of the characters we love.

Following that are fun little behind-the-scenes looks. Apart from the usual outtakes, which are so funny and good, we have plenty of other things. For example, there is a fun how-to-draw feature. This shows you how to draw any of the characters you may like, such as Ash, Buster, or Johnny. Second, we also get how each of the actors feels voicing said characters. This bonus is extra cool because you get to see how they get into the role of things. T

The best one is Matthew McConaughey because he is the least recognizable one. Seeing how he gets into the Buster mentality and gets some of those high pitch noises is impressive.

For The Kids

But, of all the features what I love about Sing 2 is how much it caters to children. Most of the bonus features are teaching children how to plan their own shows. There is a feature on how to do costumes, which is face painting. Afterward, we have how to make your own stage, microphone, and props. All of which come from easily found materials you can probably get at the dollar tree.

It is great that they have this for the children because many do want to create their own show after watching this. So, they decide to give the children, and parents, a step-by-step on how to create their own. One of the easiest ones seems to be the creating your own stage, as it is simply curtains, cardboard, and lights.

Singing along to Sing 2

The Crew of Sing 2

Lastly, we have the sing-along. Rather than creating a whole movie, we have music videos. Each video is of a popular song from the movie and it has the lyrics come out. What sets it apart is rather than having the lyrics just at the bottom of the screen, they appear in a fun and interesting way. They show up as part of the music video itself and add a nice look to the music. So, whether it be for the ability to pause, or the bonus features, Sing 2 is definitely worth the buy. Additionally, you can even get the digital code and put it on your child’s tablet if you prefer.

If nothing else, give it a chance for the amazing bonus features. There is something for everyone from the singing, to the creating your own show, to the drawing the characters out. No one will get bored and will find something to enjoy from this Illumination film. For more on movie news, make sure to check back to That Hashtag Show